The EAT RIGHTYOUR TYPE portable and personal blood type guide to staying healthy and achieving your ideal weight Different blood types mean different body chemistries For blood type A, the best diet is vegetarian This is a handy guide to take to the supermarket, restaurants and even on holiday to avoid putting on those extra pounds or feeling unwell from eating the wrong thing Inside are complete listings of what s right for Type A in all of the main food, drink and supplement categories Great book, if you really want to learn and introduce knowledge that s your book. amazing how the scientific research, everything it said about my blood type that i shouldnt eat, or should eat, and what it said about exercise should do and diesieses prone to for blood type was astounded how accurate is and explaines theories behind it feel i know my body better because of it and feel better because of it. LOVE thus book Second purchase as a gift Great information A brilliant tool to aid good food intake. Good information I m following the tips for my blood type and I feel so much better It definitely works for me. I bought this so that I could have a handy comprehensive list after reading Eat Right For Your Type, and though it is handy, it does not contain the list for non secretors, which is very disappointing as I am one I guess I m going to have to go through it and mark them up myself. small portable clear useful and helpful AMAZINGLY I am naturally drawn to my best food choices for my type and before I even picked up this book I observed how much healthy I ve felt when eating in this way Also the information about stress and personality type is spot on on the website Best health information I ve read in a long time and all the recommended foods are those also recommended to reduce cholesterol by my GP Excellent read. SAME TEXT AS THE BOOK ON BLOOD TYPE A FOOD LISTSO IF YOU LOOKING FOR ADDITIONAL INFO, YOU MAY BE DISAPPOINTED, BUT THE INFORMATION IN MY EXPERIENCE IS VALID