From coding languages and hardware to cyberbullying and gaming, this comprehensive homework helper for kids and parents covers the essentials of computer science This unique visual study guide examines the technical aspects of computers, such as how they function, the latest digital devices and software, and how the Internet works It also builds the confidence of parents and kids when facing challenges such as staying safe online, digital etiquette, and how to navigate the potential pitfalls of social media Help Your Kids With Computer Science supports the Key Stagetocurriculum in the UK, including GCSE and A level Computer Science, and beyond Jargon free language helps to explain difficult and potentially dread inducing homework such as hacking, big data , and malware, while colourful graphics help make learning about the world of computer science exciting So get to grips with this fast paced digital world, from incredible tools of communucation that unite or divide us, to potentially life changing advances such as cryptocurrencies and AI Information packed Attractively presented Affordable price. Good information. Excelente producto, trae muchos conceptos, desde los m s b sicos hasta no tan b sicos, la calidad es estupenda, muy buen papel, las figuras muy bien hechas Creo que este producto sirve no s lo para ni os sino para gente que quiera adquirir vocabulario b sico relacionado con las ciencias computacionales Me encant. Excellent book, buy if we want our kids to know what is new technology. Donated unable to comment on book Best Nice intro got kids I have the whole collection of these books they are very straight forward and easy to work through It is very clear and accessible I would recommend these for all ages as you can use the information for basic or detailed information Highly recommend for anyone wanting to create lessons for their children during Covid 19 Also good for revisions and general knowledge Book should be titled, Helping Your Parents with Computer Science I got this for my kids but quickly found I needed this for myself The book is super visual It covers a broad range of topics.You won t become a programmer, hacker, or tech guru from reading this book, but you ll understand much about the tech tools you re using every day.