I picked up Saving Everest for the mental health rep And I don t feel like that was delivered upon.Everest s suicide attempt was never truly explored His struggle with perfection and a domineering father were never fully explored, and it seemed like the attempt was used to further the plot.I loved Beverly I didn t find her living situation realistic.I loved Beverly Everest s relationship That for me is what saved the book.I wish that we could ve gotten into Everest s head a bit It seemed to me that once he found music, all of his problems disappeared And as someone who suffers from mental health, that s far from true.The ending also felt very rushed and out of the blue I wish we d had interactions with Nash.Overall, I loved Beverly and Everest s storyline together It was their separate storylines that I couldn t really get behind. This was a great book I just thought it ended a little abruptly. So I read this book on Wattpad and absolutely fell in love and when I found out it was being published I was so happy This book is amazing, I hope you all love it as much I do. Powerful From the outside, Everest has it all, but there s only one girl who can see him for who he truly isHigh school senior Everest is the most popular guy in school On the surface, handsome, wealthy and captain of the football team, but inside, desperately unhappy Depressed and suicidal, he tries to take his lifeBeverly is the exact opposite Quiet, shy, and hard working, she d rather spend her time in the library, distracting herself from her less than perfect home lifeEverest returns to school, in pain than ever Discarded by his friends and girlfriend, he is totally isolated But when Beverly and Everest meet unexpectedly in a dusty corner of the library, together they discover how just how rich life can be how love, tenderness and acceptance can change their lives forever A sensitive, heartfelt ownvoices love story about finding your inner strength, perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Jennifer Niven