Named one of Vogue s Best New Healthy Cookbooks Named Best Book for Improving Gut Health in s 13 best healthy cookbooks of the yearEach page oozes wisdom and insight, mirrored with realistic tips and advice on nurturing your digestive health Get the Gloss The most relevant and provocative nutritionist I ve ever met Nick Barnard, founder of Rude Health In a world of food fads, Eve s approach is grounded, sensible and do able Suzy Greaves, Editor, Psychologies Eve is smart and practical her advice is spot on and her recipes are distinctive and easy to make Ian Marber, nutritional therapist and authorEach chapter leaves you feeling enlightened and fired up to make real change In Be Good to Your Gut, nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik shows you the path to better digestion and reveals the far reaching effects of good gut health from a stronger immune system and balanced hormones to a greater resilience to stress and reduced inflammation.The real work on getting your gut to be as healthy and happy as it can be starts with what you feed it Eve s advice is complemented with over eighty enticing, nourishing recipes you ll want to eat over and over again, including Miso Cod with Wasabi Broccoli, Chocolate Chia Fudgy Pancakes, Matcha Banana Bread, Turmeric Chicken with Laksa Zoodles, Amandino Ice Cream and Happy Cow Burgers.If you simply want to improve your gut health and overall wellbeing but don t know where to start, or you are looking for further insight into digestive conditions such as IBS, the advice in Be Good to Your Gut will help you feel fantastic, and proves that being good to your gut is great for your taste buds, too.