Great read. When a trio of low life criminals decide to blackmail a married business owner they get than they bargained for when Harry Mitchell decides to fight back Full of tough characters and sizzling dialogue this gritty crime novel is a hidden gem in the high profile list of the author s work Where 52 Pickup really excels is that it takes a seemingly ordinary genre plot and brings enough twists and turns to make it seem like a rollercoaster With a satisfying explosive conclusion I recommend this book to any curious crime fan who may be wondering why El Leonard was so revered. Classic Leonard.Believable razor sharp dialogue, great story and characters.Superior crime fiction.Personally loved this story so highly recommended.. Well worth reading Punchy, direct writing, good characterisation and a plot that keeps you engaged. Excellent early El Very interesting, you read hints of his style and characters that are unique to his writing in later books. I am normally a huge El Leonard fan, but this book really disappointed me Not for poor writing, or bad plotting, but instead for the way his female characters are treated.Without trying to give away the plot, the book centres on Harry Mitchell, caught cheating on his wife and blackmailed for it Harry is a likeable character, who serves as the story s hero But every consequence of his actions the adultery, the blackmail and subsequent fallout are experienced by the women in his life his wife and mistress They suffer badly, while Harry comes away relatively unscathed.Leonard writes books about men, with a few notable exceptions but his female characters are not mere bimbos sitting on the sidelines they are plot centric and capable Sadly this seems to be the rare exception a different book from a different time I will still be looking forward to my next Leonard novel, but this one left a bad taste in the mouth. From the bestselling author of GET SHORTY and JACKIE BROWN a thriller spiced with blackmail and revengeDetroit businessman Harry Mitchell is a self made man, happily married for over twenty two years and a pillar of the community But then he slips he meets a young model and begins an affair One night he arrives at his girlfriend s apartment and finds than he bargained for Two masked men have caught his misdemeanours on camera and now they want a cool hundred grand But they ve picked the wrong man, because Harry Mitchell doesn t get mad he gets even