This is the start of a second series set in the raven cycle universe, and features Ronan Lynch one of the heroes from the original trilogy the Dreamer of the title someone who has the power to bridge the waking and sleeping worlds and bring dreams across.Like the first series this is a ensemble effort you have Ronan and his bothers the seemingly perfectly ordinary Declan , the living dream Matthew all suffering from the legacy of there deceased father a larger then life dreamer with a criminal Bent and there mother a dream who faded with her dreamer Then there s Adam Ronans boyfriend a seer of sorts trying to find a place in the ordinary world.New to things you have Hennessy and her Sisters mainly Jordan who struggle with there own roles in things and struggle with the question how much the dreamer how much the dream and then Faroq and her visionary s representing a shadowy government ageny whose role is unclear, and hanging over everyone is Bryde a mysterious dreamer whose presence looms large and who seems to be behind or at least involved in the stories central mystery a, foretold, looming apocalypse brought about by dreamers.Filled with likeable if sometimes odd and prickly characters if the first series was about the lure of myth and legend and the power of belief and the need for something to believe in bigger then your self, then the second is about the power of dreams and how much, and how little we control them.Filled with Stiefvaters often beautiful and lyrical prose and likeable protagonists this series is shaping up to be a classic while there is a lot of callbacks to the original trilogy you don t have to have read that to enjoy this though you will get lot out of it.Bring on book 2 Meine Schwester w nscht sich immer sehr viele B cher zu Weihnachten dieses Jahr war das auch dabei sie sagt ist ein tolles Buch kann es nur weiter empfehlen You are made of dreams and this world is not for you Let me start with saying that the Raven Cycle is one of my absolute favourite series so obviously I was very much looking forward to this.I was not left disappointed Maggie Stiefvater s writing is as captivating and magical as it always is and I was taken back into the world of the Raven Boys from the very first page.I really enjoyed being back in this world and although I missed Gansey and Blue I feel like what we got instead than makes up for the lack of them.I loved Ronan in the Raven Cycle and it was so nice to have a whole book of him As always, he comes across dark and brooding and don t give a damn but he s so much underneath all the bravado There s a particular part near the end that made my heart hurt a little and I just love him even after reading this.Now, here s the surprise We get to know Declan better in this book and now I can honestly say that I really like him Okay, so him and Ronan still rile each other up the wrong way but it always comes down to Declan protecting his brothers and we get to see just how much he does in order to achieve this So a nice surprise really The development of both Declan and Matthew s characters is wonderful and I feel like we have a deeper understanding of how the brothers Lynch work as a unit, even when Declan and Ronan are at each other s throats.I also quite like the new characters Jordan Hennessy and Carmen Farooq Lane They really add another dimension to the story and although I was unsure about these new characters at first how could they possibly replace the original Raven Boys I found myself warming to them fairly quickly and I m looking forward to seeing how their stories pan out.I also like the mysterious character of Bryde, a man who first makes an appearance in Ronan s dreams, talking in riddles and remaining unseen until the very end of the book.And I can t forget Adam As Adam is now away at college, his and Ronan s relationship is a little different to what it was and even though it doesn t play a big part in the story, it s still there underneath it all and I really hope they can make it work.If you enjoyed the Raven Cycle then you ll definitely enjoy this Maggie Stiefvater does not disappoint This book is everything I hoped it would be Can we have the next one already I need it. I loved the Raven Cycle It s swept me away into its magic and mystery with a healthy serving of whimsy.Call Down The Hawk has a much darker vibe the magic is still plentiful but now it comes with consequences.The development of Declan s and Matthew s characters and the complex web of love and lies that connect the Lunch brothers added a depth to this story that I really enjoyed.Ronan is still damaged, beautiful, creative, soft, sharp and dangerous contradictory and wonderful and Adam is still focused, ambitious and wanting Their relationship is not the main focus but it still resonates through the story line and leaves you desperate for things to work out for them.I would recommend this to anyone that loves the Raven Cycle or anyone that wants to believe that there are hidden layers of magic all around us. You read other books and they seem clever and well written and populated with decently drawn people and you give the 5 stars and the you read Maggie Stiefvater and realise there needs to be some kind of logarithmic star scale and the rest should have got one to leave room for the exponents to reach 5 I don t have words for the joy of reading someone who truly gets the dreaming This is beautiful and deliriously magical and every word is perfect I am in love with Ronan And Jordan And Bryde who was a god, I am guessing, who flew for 5 thousand years I cant wait for the sequel Read this It s perfect. Absolutely loved everything about this book, from the storyline to the characters to the setting it was also really good to see the Lynch brothers again, this books really changed my perception of Declan, he is defo one of my favourites now Gahhh I have so many feels, honestly can t wait for the next book I want Pynch please. Well done again MS, each book better than the one before Can t wait for the next one So so so good A quick, good read Very interesting new characters that will definitely make you fall for them But it really is an entirely new series and not The Raven Cycle 2.0 like many people hoped it to be Some characters do fall into tropes though and the plot needs a while to take off with a little forced drama Ronan is still the sad gay stereotype but Declan finally gets a personality, so that s good All in all I d really recommend this book and I m very excited where the series is going From theNew York Times Bestselling author of The Raven Cycle, the mesmerizing story of those who can bring parts of their dreams into reality and those who will stop at nothing to destroy them THE DREAMERS WALK AMONG US IS ANYONE SAFE Ronan Lynch is a dreamer He can pull both curiosities and catastrophes out of his dreams Jordan Hennessy is a thief The closer she comes to the dream object she is after, the inextricably she becomes tied to it Carmen Farooq Lane is a hunter Her brother was a dreamer and a killer She has seen what dreaming can do to a person, and the damage that their dreams can do But those are nothing compared to the destruction that is about to be unleashed