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  1. London Mum London Mum says:

    This is a great revision guide It gives concise explanations and has excellent questions and answers I highly recommend.

  2. Lady Copeland Lady Copeland says:

    Good for the qualification Easy to understand Could do with questions under each topic with assets.

  3. Dennis Dennis says:

    Quick delivery and well packaged

  4. Sandy Sandy says:

    My ds feels this book is better for the paper 2 exam but he is I happy with the purchase.

  5. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:


  6. May May says:

    very nice

  7. rebecca oneill rebecca oneill says:

    Straight to the point and easy to follow I recommend.

  8. Lastboyscoutuk Lastboyscoutuk says:

    We have a few of these book already and both my daughters love them Not just for revision, but also reference during the school year.The book arrived in good condition, consists of a thick 156 page A4 book with semi hard cardboard cover This covers the new syllabus for all grades 1 9The book is split into the 7 sections that are covered in the Computer Science GCSE Each topic is easily located with clear headings Different areas are laid out in boxes containing clearly written explanations, with the important words underlined.At the end of the book you have warm up questions and then a whole practice paper This is really good in terms of how the papers are laid out, questions written and testing your knowledge After the paper are the answers.This is an extremely easy to use Revision Practice book, everything is laid out clearly and explained well There are revision summaries at the end of each section to test your knowledge I would recommend this book to anyone studying GCSE Computer Science

  9. bookworm8 bookworm8 says:

    I have used several different CGP books for many years and have always found them good value They are useful for busy teachers and for parents and students This revision and practice guide for computer science GCSE exams is no exception There are 116 pages divided into seven sections, covering algorithms, programming, design testing translators, data representation, computer system components, networks and issues There are 34 pages of practice exam papers, with very thorough answers, followed by a combined glossary and index The examples throughout are clear and focused on the required knowledge The free online edition is a useful bonus for students, etc who like an online version, although I have not personally tried it as I am happy with the printed version.I think this would be a useful guide for anyone sitting the exam, whether aiming for a mid or high grade as it is thorough and detailed.

  10. Zee Zee says:

    very happy to get the revision book for this computer science course , will be excellent help for my son working towards his GCSE s Lots of info and contains answers, has a huge glossary and index in the back comes with a free online edition but my son has yet to check it out so can t report on that side of it.Contains sections on Algorithms, programming, design testing and translators. so glad my sons knows what most of these titles mean lol , data representation, components of a computer system, networks and finally issues, all contain a warm up and exam questions section From a quick glance i see it s easy to understand and very helpful in its examples so maybe i m not as out of touch as i thought lol, or maybe its just a very helpful book , i d go with the latter.would definitely recommend.Arrived quickly and well packaged

  11. Vytas Vytas says:

    I found this book New GCSE Computer Science AQA Complete Revision Practice Grade 9 1 with Online Edition CGP GCSE Computer Science 9 1 Revision professionally written in a very clear and understandable way.The information is well organised,most important words or sentences are highlighted,so easier to find and remember.Here are and answers provided in the back of book,it is helpful and saves my time.Good value for the money,recomend.

  12. Smallvillenews Smallvillenews says:

    Disclaimer I m a teacher This book is so good we endorse it in our schools for our students It s very reasonably priced and includes questions and just enough help in it to assist you to answer the questions without going over the top in details, though I did have one student who asked for additional clarification on the binary examples and guidance The practise questions are very well thought out and carefully match past papers in style and language There is nothing missed off from the entire course, and even has a few suggestions for programming techniques to assist throughout the complete course.

  13. Margaret7 Margaret7 says:

    Computer Science is a complex and wide ranging subject with an awful lot of information and concepts to learn, understand and work with This excellent revision and practice book from CGP does a superb job of guiding the student through the curriculum, step by step, providing clear information and exercises, via colourful graphics and eye catching design, to facilitate an easy and enjoyable learning experience The practice exam questions are also a great way of gaining confidence through practice and the explanatory answers are an excellent guide to what examiners are looking for.

  14. Barlow Barlow says:

    The CGP GCSE revision guide books are all excellent and are an essential tool for everyone studying for their GSSEs This one focuses on the computer science exam As well as the usual revision guide topics, this book also includes a full set of practice exam papers.This book contains information about all subjects that will be included in the exam It includes revision tasks, exam advice and practice questions My son really likes these books and the style that they re written in He finds them well structured and easy to understand.

  15. TheLibrarian TheLibrarian says:

    This is an excellent GCSE computer science revision and practice book The subjects covered are algorithms, programming, design testing and translators, data representation, components of a computer system, networks, and issues The book is well designed and uses colour and text boxes to break up the text This makes it easy to break down the subject into easily remembered chunks of information The book contains numerous exam questions and practice papers There is plenty of room to write your answers Detailed answers are included.