Growing up in a small country town, Ben and Fab spend their days playing cricket, wanting a pair of Nike Air Maxes and not talking about how Fabs dad hits him, or how the sudden death of Bens next door neighbor unsettled him Almost teenagers, they already know some things are better left unsaid Then a newcomer arrived Fab reckoned he was a secret agent and he and Ben staked him out He looked strong Maybe even stronger than Fabs dad Neither realized the shadow this man would cast over both their lives Twenty years later, Fab is going nowhere but hoping for somewhere better Then a body is found in the river, and Fab cant ignore the past any.

5 thoughts on “Into the River: Winner of the CWA Debut Dagger

  1. Love to Read Love to Read says:

    I m not sure if I should wait a bit longer before writing my review to make sure I m over the grieving process I only finished the book yesterday and would probably give it 5 stars if I didn t have this yucky feeling in my stomach, which is evidence of the ability of the author I pretty much agree with all the other reviews and the book certainly wasn t what I was expecting when I purchased it I agree with one of the other reviewers about being just a bit too subtle whilst I don t want graphic descriptions of experiences of this nature, I have the same frustration about whether my impressions are right The again, maybe it doesn t matter what I have concluded is bad enough and probably as much as I can handle and everyone s threshold is different.At first, I wasn t keen on the style of writing, but it grew on me and I found it easy to read from a style, if not a content, point of view I thought the contrast between the innocent pursuits of summer days and the evil that can dwell among us to be very skillful I still have lots of unanswered questions though How could his parents not know something was wrong Didn t they think there was something weird about a young boy spending so much time with an adult and vice versa This book is one of those that will linger with me for a long time I would recommend it, but not if you have a very sensitive nature.

  2. David David says:

    Loved this The style of writing in particular A beautiful story of unwavering mateship The early narration from the perspective of a young Australian boy in the 1980 s, captured the essence of the long lost vocabulary Australians used at that time Terms such as rack off I just had to laugh, I m going to bring that one back.The story was executed beautifully, it felt so genuine As time moved on so did the narration, told from an adult perspective Nicely timed and well rounded flashbacks filled in the backstory.I found the story well paced and not bogged down in too much detail The incident that occurred was eluded to, it didn t go into any graphic detail and it showed rather than told what had transpired, a real nice touch.Wimmera was one of those books I didn t want to put down, I was bursting to know what happened and wasn t disappointed at all.A really touching, moving and a little bit of a squeamish read I went through a whole gamut of emotions reading this and that for me is exactly what a really good book is all about.

  3. Threepence Worth Threepence Worth says:

    This story will haunt me Boys whose whole lives are ruined, taken from them by totally evil men Children deserve far better than these kids got My blood boils over these issues Set in a typical Australian country town, their lives are so clearly described that I could smell the rain, the dry dust, the river I want from this author.

  4. Carol Monks Carol Monks says:

    I really enjoyed this book I thought it was very well written, and the story was riveting I finished the book about a week ago, and it is still in my thoughts Although I loved the account of the boys lives when they were young, it turned into such a sad story Who could blame Ben for what he did And Fab helping him just spoke volumes for their friendship He was supporting Ben, just as Ben had supported him in different ways throughout their childhood It was quite depressing at the end, but a great read.

  5. adorf adorf says:

    Compelling read, the story unravels bit by bit but always holding back a little, keeping you in suspense and wanting .