A new Matt Scudder story is always a welcome event, in my world Like millions of other readers, I ve followed him through good and bad times, in long and short tales.I only heard about this book by chance and it combined the opportunity to read a further tale of one of my favourites with the possibility of a quick read to boost my Goodreads book total for the year.As ever, our hero tells the story and that same old casual, amiable style is still there There s a lot of conversation in this story and although you don t have to know the previous books, it helps.In summary, this is a dip back into the lives of Matt and Elaine, full of signs of how they ve aged and also how they ve stayed the course Love it Lawrence Block is at his usual best delivering the continuing story of my favorite detective Every time I think I have read the last Scudder story, Mr Block trots out another chapter Scudder is getting older, but he is just as effective Scudder s wife is no longer in the life, but one of her call girl friends is in the kind of trouble Scudder can help with A fun read, and it is just like visiting an old friend we picked up where we left off. Awful A very poor short story inflated with pages of useless, unnecessary and irrelevant information I have all of the Matt Scudder series, most of which I thoroughly enjoyed This one is thrown together, predictable and with page filler snippets from memory lane Time to call it a day for Matt Don t waste your money. Happy to get to read an new Scudder I have rear all if the old ones 3 or 3 times.A bit short could have used Mick and the albino fixer front bar and peripheral It would have made.it a longer read and the others all play their parts.But it was Fun to read new stories about a 50 year old character. MATT SCUDDER RETURNS More thanyears after his debut and nearly a decade since his last appearance, one of the most renowned characters in all of crime fiction is back on the case in this major new novella by Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Lawrence Block Well past retirement age and feeling his years but still staying sober one day at a time Matthew Scudder learns that alcoholics aren t the only ones who count the days since their last slip Matt s longtime partner, Elaine, tells him of a group of former sex workers who do something similar, helping each other stay out of the life But when one young woman describes an abusive client who s refusing to let her quit, Elaine encourages her to get help of a different sort The sort only Scudder can deliver A Time to Scatter Stones offers not just a gripping crime story but also a richly drawn portrait of Block s most famous character as he grapples with his own mortality while proving to the younger generation that he s still got what it takes For Scudder s millions of fans around the world including the many who met the character through Liam Neeson s portrayal in the film version of A Walk Among the Tombstones , A Time to Scatter Stones is an unexpected gift a valedictory appearance that will remind readers why Scudder is simply the best there isFrom Booklist Starred Review Block s unlicensed New York City investigator Matt Scudder debutedyears ago but has been absent for the last decade Block has never been predictable, as this novella demonstrates A superb book and a reminder to his longtime fans that this crime fiction master hasn t lost his touch From Publishers Weekly If brevity keeps all the usual supporting characters from returning, some nice nostalgic mentions will reassure fans that they haven t been forgotten It s good to see Matt back in action This ebook edition of A Time to Scatter Stones also includes as a bonus Lawrence Block s introduction to his new Subterranean Press anthology, At Home in the Dark Old man s wet dream Tired and degrading Pre ordered and wish I d waited for reviews, but expected so much better from Block Lots of writers in their 80s still bring it He didn t. Disappointing after a long line of quality novels. Lawrence Block is back with A Time to Scatter Stones , a novella featuring Matthew Scudder It s been 10 years since Block published a Scudder book, and I d been hoping for another book in the series His classic book, A Long Line of Deadmen , published in the early 1990 s remains my favorite mystery and has never failed to astound me with Block s literary talent So, I was pleased as I began to read his newest work I wasn t so pleased when I finished.The book begins as an update to the lives of Matt and his wife, Elaine Married 20 years or so, the Scudders have aged into graceful 70 year olds They ve slowed down a step or two but remain active participants in all that New York City has to offer Restaurants, movies, plays, etc They also remain pretty no, very active in their bedroom Now, Lawrence Block s books have always had a sexy vibe to them In some books, it s apparent than in others, but in Stones , it s in the reader s face almost throughout the book I ve always felt that most authors who write long sex scenes are writing them as filler, that maybe they re not good enough to write conventional scenes But, damn it, Lawrence Block is a great writer He can advance plot and character development better than almost any other author I ve read, using dialog to do so.So, in between sex scenes, we find out a bit what has happened to TJ, Mick, and others who have been such important parts of Block s earlier Scudder works But it s not enough backwards looking to satisfy me I wasn t offended as much as I was just plain bored with the book Thanks god it s under 100 pages. unless you like a glorified short story that s half a walk down memory lane visiting previous cases of Matt Scudder and half an erotic journey that belongs in the letters to the editor of a porn magazine This wasn t what I expected from Lawrence Block, and I m sorry to see it. So lacking in substance, so boring, so not worth my time Why Block decided to write the novella, instead of ending his writing career with the last full novel about Matt, is illogical Wishing I hadn t read it, as it left me with a bad after taste I shall definitely delete it from my Kindle library as soon as I type the final period in this brief review.