Todav a estoy traduci ndolo He le do otras obras muy buenas del mismo autor Daniel Chavarr a y me gusta por lo original. Just okay, not a compelling caper, the dirty parts much like 1960s pulp porn Rhymes with yawn It ll make a mediocre movie someday. The action is set in Havana, Cuba in modern times It is very light reading, entertaining and, for the most part, fast moving action It is an amusing story with some unusual characters both Cuban and foreign There is an interesting twist in the ending and The Epilogue is very good in finishing off the story. A wild romp of a story Great characters doing bad things and enjoying themselves far than they should A nice distraction This Edgar Awardwinning crime novel offers pulp fiction in Castros Cuba Martin Cruz Smith, author The Girl from Venice Alicia is a smart, confident, and gorgeous prostitute in Havana She is not a streetwalker Rather, she displays her wares on bicycle, seducing men through the irresistible pull of her fine derrire John King, her new client, is a Canadian businessman with a striking resemblance to movie star Alain Delon This is no ordinary john, and as Alicias feelings for him grow, she sees in their relationship the possibility of escape from her dead end life in a city plagued with scarcity So when Kings wealthy and sexually deviant boss is suddenly killed, Alicia and John hatch a get rich quick scheme A web of deception is wovenbut it will be quickly and disastrously unraveled, and only one person will be able to say adis to the dilapidated island of Cuba Fun, fast, and intelligent A madcap caper full of twisted sex, devious schemes and high rolling hijinks Will leave readers clamoring for Publishers Weekly The books cynical take on ambition and greed is tempered by humor and humanity The New York Times Impossible to put down This is a great read Library Journal It was somewhat entertaining, but it did not interest me very much The story line about a beautiful prostitute showing off her beautiful behind on a bicycle to attract customers is kind of original, but the rest of the story is not very appealing A lot of emphasis on all kind of sexual activities with emphasis on hedonistic pleasures, and it became kind of boring after a while. I had read very optimistic comments on this book and its author in the New York Times for some time, so I finally decided to get into the Latin mood The expectations were high and the starts very promising, really amusing But little by little the emotion goes down It s like you are expecting some twist in the story or something great to happen but there is nothing It is just that The story is told in a fast pace but it lack interest, at least to me Only can I save from drowning this book the gorgeous hips of that belle cuban female, or that s how she seems to me.As a side note, I should say that the idea of touring Cuba for good and cheap sex taking advantage of their slavery is not a laudable one, on which the author doesn t seem to agree.No problem of conscience I m only 1 3 of the way through this but already I know that I ll be buying this for lots of friends Simply outstanding There are no great shakes here but as a book to simply amuse and enjoy it can t be beat Adios Muchachos is so well writen that I have lost all desire to look for deep meaning It s that rare book that can be simply enjoyed just for the craft that is displayed Lots of laughs everywhere and quite informative if I m ever looking for a hooker in Havana I m looking forward to trying something else from Daniel Chavarria and I feel very sorry for all the folks who gave this book only 1 or 2 stars I suspect they were offended by some of the setting. I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Chavarria s book At first, I was turned off by the scene leading up to the big reveal with Victor, his wife, and Alicia, but I could not put the book down It was a page turner I don t want to give the story away, but it was well written It is a sexy, funny book. Every moment a sucker is born, but who is the sucker OR the suckee Getting a head in modern Havana is the premise of the book Not a bad read and a good crime novel to boot.