I have read every book John D McDonald wrote Most multiple times The Travis McGee books never get old and I seem to always find a nuance I haven t picked up on previously My favorite books by my favorite author He s been gone over thirty years and I still miss him I place him with Steinbeck and Hemingway at pinnacle of American writers. wonderful thanks If you ve never read any of John D.McDonald s Travis McGee books, you re missing out on a good thing The review writers with names like, Stephen King, Ed McBain, speak for themselves.Well Written Well Crafted.A Joy to read. Wonderful A journey back in time. I have been reading these books since the 60 s and you cannot get a enjoyable read Travis McGee, his friend Meyer and the busted Flush, plus all the antics that go on make for one of the best book series I have ever read Try one and I will bet you can t put it down What a great writer Really good story with a few surprises.Very excellent series Travis McGee this is entertaining light reading one of the interests is that its set in 60,70 so many things like cell phones don t exist , it does make you question social values , I wouldn t suggest it for younger readers say under 20 I fell in love with the Travis McGee series when I was a kid, reading them as they came out Lost my early copies as I moved around Later in life I replaced and reread them, kept moving and left them behind again at another place As an old man a few years ago I decided to buy the series on my Kindle as a Christmas treat for myself Starting at the beginning with 1 1964 , The Deep Blue Goodbye I was underwhelmed and by the time I was part way through 6 1965 , Bright Orange for the Shroud I found myself put off by how harshly MacDonald treated his minor characters,and by the way he criticized everything from vegetarians to yoga disclaimer I m partial to both I stopped reading the series in the middle of the book Bored one day a few years later I tried the last McGee book MacDonald wrote 21 1985 , The Lonely Silver Rain and found MacDonald was just as satisfying but less critical or maybe it was just me who had grown up Then I tried 18 1979 , The Green Ripper and it too showed a less judgmental MacDonald Deciding that he had changed somewhere along the way I decided working my way backwards would be the safest bet and tried 16 1975 , The Dreadful Lemon Sky,and again I found it to be an excellent read John D MacDonald has always been a consummate writer and in his later years before he died in 1986 he seemed to have worked through enough of his demons that he treated the world and his characters with compassion May we all do the same. My first return to JMcD s TMcG series for over 20 years and it s as good as I remember Pared down writing style, succinct dialogue and a broad range of distinctive characters That s what I remembered and that s what it has No modern day 500 page bloating all over in half the acreage and all the better for it Present day authors please take note Does it feel dated Nope because it was so contemporary the reader s right back in the right time zone from the start You don t notice the lack of mobile cellphone, laptop tablet etc Why would you You don t notice no cars in Pride Prejudice It s not a Florida based storyline so if you re new to the series it lacks that trademark trope However, it s still got a convincing small town local sheriff feel to it Time for another one, what colour s Florida A Purple Place for Dying finds Travis McGee witness to a murder he can t prove and a kidnapping nobody wants to believe McGee becomes a pawn between a wealthy Southwestern patriarch, the law, and a mysterious gang bent on insurance fraud Just the kind of thing McGee revels in