New Orleans,As a dark serial killer The Axeman stalks the city, three individuals set out to unmask him As Michael, Luca and Ida each draw closer to discovering the killer s identity, the Axeman himself will issue a challenge to the people of New Orleans play jazz or risk becoming the next victim And as the case builds to its crescendo, the sky will darken and a great storm will loom over the city

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  1. Christiane Christiane says:

    This is a difficult one For the excellent writing and the brilliant evocation of New Orleans and its enigmatic bayous at the beginning of the 20th century it certainly deserves at least 4 stars.But I just could not connect with any of the protagonists and even the suspense was rather on the lame side because of the large cast of characters, the three lines of investigation, the plots and sub plots, etc etc The Ida Lewis Armstrong team struck me as fairly pointless and contrived and the ending might have benefitted from being realistic.

  2. chaosmuc chaosmuc says:

    An sich ist The Axeman s Jazz ein toller Krimi, in dem vorallem der Flair der Zeit in New Orleans vermittelt wird.Nur leider h lt sich der Roman nur sehr frei an die historischen berlieferungen Zeitabfolge der Morde, laut Wikipedia haben einige Opfer berlebt, und die geschilderte Flut war auch wann anders

  3. Nanda Sandhu Nanda Sandhu says:

    I loved how there were three stories in parallel about the same crime and the atmospheric setting in New Orleans 100 years ago.There was to this book than just the crime.

  4. SueKich SueKich says:

    I m no aficionado of the crime novel but I do know enough to recognise an original angle when I read one as in this cracking debut from Ray Celestin Set in New Orleans, the story is based on a true crime an axe murderer who hacked six victims to death almost a century ago.The angle here is that there are four characters who stand to gain from finding the killer Firstly Michael, the beleaguered detective who needs to please his boss and allay the fears of the frightened townsfolk well, I guess that one s a given Secondly, ex cop Luca, recently released from prison on a charge of corruption With no means of income, he s forced back into helping the Mafia who want the killer found before the cops get to him Thirdly Ida, a pale skinned Creole and general dogsbody at the Pinkerton Bureau who harbours aspirations of becoming a private eye And lastly, the scoop seeking journalist Riley, with issues of his own So The race to find the killer is on.The setting of New Orleans with its evocative sights, sounds and vocabulary is a gift for novelists one just has to see the word bayou to be transported but occasionally, Celestin allows himself to lapse into unnecessary passages which slow the pace I liked the way he dismisses the clich of white hats and black hats his characters come in varying shades of grey and are therefore interestingly three dimensional And rather cleverly, he insinuates a young Louis Armstrong here called Lewis into the plot as Ida s friend and sidekick I understand this is the first of a four book series it looks like Ray Celestin is onto a winner.

  5. Jake Jake says:

    I love books that evoke a different place, as they a like travel from your armchair I love booked that open your mind to other people and their perspectives on life, especially when they are different from my own experience I love books with complex characters, who struggle with flaws like I do I love twists and mystery, and I particularly dislike books that t up twists and pre announce plot changes.In this regard, the Axeman s Jazz is nearly five stars for me The characterisation is excellent, and the range of characters across men and women and across racial differences is excellent I loved the autobiographical elements of the book around Louis Lewis Armstrong and I feel the book tackled some difficult issues around race then and now with grace and compassion.The only negative for me was that I felt the plot ran out of steam and little towards the end, and I didn t feel the story hung together as well as it could have done when all said and done.However, the writing quality, to my eyes, is fantastic The rhythm of the narrative and the sympathy with human nature is very moving I thoroughly recommend this book.

  6. Mrs. S. A. M. Williams Mrs. S. A. M. Williams says:

    What makes this a great book is it is factually based ,and the writer gives you a real feel for life in New Orleans and how life was for residents ,the writer holds your interest and draws all the stands of the tale to a conclusion leaving the reader in doubt who was who and where they ended up a must for a crime lover Highly recommended ,book in great condition ,well priced and good service.

  7. Richard Allen Richard Allen says:

    I probably had James Ellroy in mind here, a mix of fact and fiction brought to life years after the fact, but this is quite plodding by comparison and absolutely lacks Ellroy s ability to horrify, which is partly where you d hope a serial killer book might thrive The characters were okay, but there s little to get your teeth into there, and the plot lacks drive and intensity It s a good enough idea that I read the whole book, and enjoyed it, but it could have been better.

  8. Plucked Highbrow Plucked Highbrow says:

    One year after the end of the War and New Orleans is experiencing changes on an unprecedented scale, the Italians are running most of the vice but brothels have been closed down and not all the police are corrupt Whilst segregation in Louisiana is not as great as in neighbouring Mississippi people are still judged by colour and jazz music is bridging the gap Into this city a murderer appears slaying individuals with an axe and leaving a tarot card behind He taunts the police by letter and they seem powerless to catch him Who is the Axeman This is Ray Celestin s debut novel but his craft appears fully formed Rather than have a single central character there are a section of voices adding layers to the storyline and different clues to the outcome From the policeman with the secret coloured family to the enthusiastic young woman to the corrupt former cop to the addicted journalist, each is fresh and forms part of a jigsaw In fact the only part of this book which jars is the inclusion of Lewis Louie Armstrong, the character is fine, it is the forcing of a known game into the narrative which feels false Other than that this is a really satisfying and exciting book.

  9. FellfromGrace FellfromGrace says:

    Great evocation of the era, enjoyed the featuring of real people such as Louis Armstrong coupled with real character development and beautiful writing Can be a little confusing at the start with many plot lines that finally converge I ve read all three of the series available so far because although somewhat violent the writing is just so good that they are a joy to read, particularly if you have an interest in the eras and subjects covered Fantastic author