Champion of Aros, God of BattleBearer of foreknowledgeA mythical third realm expertJason had it all, and yet he still couldn t prevent his father s death He didn t even have time to grieve as his mission took precedence over all else Pressing onward was the only path But did he possess enough strength to clear the tower, even with Roy and Olivia at his back The answer was obvious only with humanity s best could he stand a fighting chanceYet as his actions influenced the world, the things changed Worse, his secret identity, Index, was in the spotlight for releasing knowledge that couldn t possibly be known If the major powers of the world found him, they d no doubt use torture to obtain his secretsA single mistake would cost everythingHe already got a second chanceHe won t get a third

9 thoughts on “Towers of Heaven: A LitRPG Adventure (Book 2) (English Edition)

  1. ugr ugr says:

    This series is a captivating read that in my humble opinion has only one flaw that the third book is not yet out to be devoured

  2. Kreuzer Kreuzer says:

    Well I loved the first book but this one is pain then fun to read After approximately 30% the writing style changes drastically for the worse I you ever read some bad translated chinese light novels then you ve got the idea Most probably it was messed up by a hired ghostwriter I think that even the most enthusiastic fans would rate it at maximum with three stars but fife stars no way

  3. Tristram Bear Tristram Bear says:

    I m a very critical reader and don t really tolerate foolish authors This series so far is exactly what I m looking for in a book It s shock full of gripping content, a real good experience Please of this

  4. Smokingryu Smokingryu says:

    1 It was over to quickly probably because i devoured it 2 The next book isn t out yetIt was as great to read as the first book and im starving to read the next one i hope it s out soon I freaking love the story so far and i m hoping that it s only get better.

  5. T.N. T.N. says:

    I loved the sudden development of the plot, looking forward to the continuation Hopefully the mystery about the towers would be clearer.

  6. Demosthenes Demosthenes says:

    I absolutely love this tower concept and what s done with it Great character development Can t wait for the next one

  7. Hofer Max Hofer Max says:

    I liked the 2nd book as well A tournament of humanities best ascenders A level with god like powers New skills I just wish the book would have chapters I can t wait for the 3rd book.

  8. Kindle-Kunde Kindle-Kunde says:

    Still too much descriptions and not enough dialogueFeels like im listening to an Anime narrator constantly going on and onStill fun though

  9. Ben Maybanks Ben Maybanks says:

    After listening to the first book on audible, couldn t wait for the sequel Glad my inpatients made me read this Can t wait for the audiobook version to release next