Soman Chainani sNew York Timesbestselling series The School for Good and Evil returns with The Ever Never Handbook Gorgeous full color illustrations bring your favorite characters like Sophie, Agatha, and Tedros back to school through maps, quizzes, alumni portraits, andWish you could go to the School for Good and Evil Join the ranks of heroes and villains who have walked these hallowed halls and mastered what it takes to succeed in their own fairy talesSurviving the trials and tribulations of the school is no walk in the park The Ever Never Handbook is here to help This handbook equips new students with everything they ll need to excel at the School for Good and Evil Good luck Don t miss the thrilling conclusion to the beloved series,The School for Good and EvilOne True King,available June

15 thoughts on “The Ever Never Handbook

  1. Caity Caity says:

    I really don t know It s a good book but it s quite short Some parts are boring to read and at times I couldn t read the writing I noticed a few mistakes in the book but apart from that it s a good book on the series although some parts don t make sense Sophie knows hester s quest at the end of the third year when in book 4 aka year 4 she s really shocked when Dean dovey tells her I would recommend this book 10 because all in all its really good to read and I m glad that the author put the effort into this book x

  2. N Barrett N Barrett says:

    My 9 year old loves these story books I think she cried her eyes out when she got this A great short series for girls that are a bit of a tomboy but are no less romantic then the rest of us soppy ladies.

  3. Megs Megs says:

    daughter loved the books and the hardback looked great.

  4. E. M. Evans E. M. Evans says:

    This is a great companion book the main series with wonderful illustrations and lots of extra information Though if your not into spoilers avoid till you ve read at least the first three books.

  5. jens jens says:

    My daughter absolutely loves this my only downside is that she loves it so much she continuously reads me passages and sections and I have absolutely no idea what it s all on about

  6. Mrs Michelle Garvey Mrs Michelle Garvey says:

    I love this book and it goes very well with the School For Good And Evil book series, would definitely recommend it as it has lovely illustrations and text

  7. F L F L says:

    Fantastic gift for 10 year old daughter who loves the books I would recommend for any fan of the series.

  8. Verna Verna says:

    Shouldn t be getting any stars considering it had a completely different price on it to what I paid

  9. only Me only Me says:

    Grandson wanted this so badly He wasnt disappointed Its a lovely book, so full of detail A weighty little thing too

  10. Juliet Roberts Juliet Roberts says:

    My daughter is on the 3rd book of the trilogy and loves the handbook.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Bought by my 10 year old as she loves the series of books Re read many times

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Great read I d recommend this to everyone

  13. Lara Hinton Lara Hinton says:

    Incredible quality

  14. Kunde Kunde says:

    Hallo das Buch ist toll aber es gibt von Ilse Rothfuss noch immer keine deutsche bersetzung und das nerft das buch ist seit 2016 drau en und wir haben 2019 das find ich nicht so gut sonsz ist das Ever Never Handbook Hoffentlich bald auch Immer Nimmer Handbuch eine toller Erg nzung zu den School for good and evil B cher

  15. Jules Jules says:

    She loves these books, and delivery was fast