I agree with the consistently high ratings readers are giving this novel Screenwriters should note that Ms Perera s engrosssing narrative which unfolds with lovingly sketched characters, graphic description and colloquial dialogue seems supremely adaptable for a film version of this modeern story, with the potential impact of The Kite Runner or Slumdog Millionaire Modern day Cairo with all its current political and social problems is the setting for this vignette in which the characters dreams,despite hopelessness, have universal appeal. Fifteen year old Aaron lives amongst the rubbish piles in the slums of CairoHis job To collect broken glassHis life WastedHis hope To find a future he can believe in Anna Perera has written a remarkable novel that feels true and magical all at the same time The story of a young orphan coming of age in an unusual community of copts in Cairo who live in an enclosed village of their own and are responsible for rubbish collection in the huge megalopolis How someone born with so little can dream and fashion a meaningful life with love and community despite great odds A story for our time. everything was as described and I am pleased thanks This is one of the best novels I have read in years, and I read a lot of novels The way you get into the head of the main character, you can understand his feelings and actions even if you are not a teenage Zabaleen living in Cairo I am recommending this book to everybody, for the experience of total immersion and emotional redemption It really delivers An enlightening read about life in Cairo, and a topic you will not find in the guide books I learned something from this book which others should know about Younger readers will love it and will be able to empathise with the sparky character Aaron who strives for a better life as he collects glass. This may seem like a young reader s book, but in my opinion, it is a powerful must read novel for all ages As a social studies teacher for pre teens, I would love to assign it to some of my higher readers There is no teenage fluff here, it s full of loss, heartache, desperate poverty, and ultimately love and hope It s an unflinching look at life and death in the world of the Zabbaleen in Cairo a window into another world for my oh so privileged American students Anna Perera is a terrific writer Love this book