One coverdifferent colours Which one will you get A powerful and disturbing new take on an original classic Tim Bowler, author of Carnegie Medal winner River Boy I loved this book Pacy, gripping, intriguing and poignant Alice Oseman, author of Solitaire and Radio SilenceYoung people on the Midwich Estate don t have much hope for their futures Keisha has lived there her whole life, and has been working hard to escape it others have just accepted their lotBut change is comingOne night, everyone inside Midwich Tower falls mysteriously unconscious in one inexplicable Nightout No one can explain what happened during those lost hours, but soon afterwards Keisha and three other girls find they re pregnant and the babies are growing at an alarming rateAs the news spreads around the tower, its residents turns against them and the situation spirals toward violence Keisha s life unravels as she realises that the pregnancy may not have just ruined her hopes for the future she might be mother to the end of the world The Fallen Children is a story of violation, of judgment and of young people who must fight to defy what is expected of them The Fallen Children has one cover design butdifferent colourways Each one is numbered fromtoon the spine The colour you receive will be completely random THE FALLEN CHILDREN is ATTACK THE BLOCK meets VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and feels like the London I know It s very cool Juno Dawson An ingenious twist on a classic Surprisingly tender and moving, completely convincing and gripping Kiran Millwood Hargrave Read THE FALLEN CHILDREN if you d like less middle class kidlit, allegorical commentary on society and teens, and dead good books Non Pratt

6 thoughts on “The Fallen Children

  1. S. Clark S. Clark says:

    In a single night, everyone in a London tower block loses consciousness and when they wake up, four girls are pregnant Answers are hard to come by what happened to them What does it mean and when the pregnancies start developing much faster than they should, time is short, and everything changes.There aren t a lot of books out at the moment that capture teenage life in Britain without patronising or sugar coating but The Fallen Children does just that It s sympathetic but honest about the challenges teens face from society and family Add in the mind bending plot a timely reworking of Midwich Cuckoos that s clever enough to explore the practical aspects of sudden, unexplainable pregnancies and Owen s amazing writing, and you ve got a really special book I loved the characters Mo the most, as he tries so hard to be the big man around town despite how sweet you know he is and the tension that seeps through the pages Raced through it and can t recommend it enough

  2. LW LW says:

    I bought this as a 99p special as it looked OK but it was so much than that It has the same premise as the Midwich Cuckoos but expands on the story and makes it relevant for today Clever story, interesting characters and good twists make this highly enjoyable.

  3. Alice Alice says:

    I loved this book Wonderfully chilling, great characters and a lot of heart and mystery.

  4. Blossomhill72 Blossomhill72 says:

    I Hope the follow up os just as good, i love Zero and Morris I actullay love them all.

  5. Rachel Raee Rachel Raee says:

    The Fallen Children tells the story of young people struggling to deal the hand they are played when everyone expects them to lose This is a fascinating book, well written, with poignant moments that the reader will recognise Well worth reading.

  6. Will Will says:

    really gr8 x