From NYT bestselling author Blue Balliett, the story of a girl who falls into Chicago s shelter system, and from there must solve the mystery of her father s strange disappearanceWhere is Early s father He s not the kind of father who would disappear But he s goneand he s left a whole lot of trouble behindAs danger closes in, Early, her mom, and her brother have to flee their apartment With nowhere else to go, they are forced to move into a city shelter Once there, Early starts asking questions and looking for answers Because her father hasn t disappeared without a trace There are patterns and rhythms to what s happened, and Early might be the only one who can use them to track him down and make her way out of a very tough placeWith her signature, singular love of language and sense of mystery, Blue Balliett weaves a story that takes readers from the cold, snowy Chicago streets to the darkest corner of the public library, on an unforgettable hunt for deep truths and a reunited family

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