Sixteen year old Solomon has agoraphobia He hasn t left his house in three years, which is fine by him At home, he is the master of his own kingdom even if his kingdom doesn t extend outside of the house Ambitious Lisa desperately wants to go to a top tier psychiatry program She ll do anything to get in When Lisa finds out about Solomon s solitary existence, she comes up with a plan sure to net her a scholarship befriend Solomon Treat his condition And write a paper on her findings To earn Solomon s trust, Lisa begins letting him into her life, introducing him to her boyfriend Clark, and telling him her secrets Soon, Solomon begins to open up and expand his universe But all three teens have grown uncomfortably close, and when their facades fall down, their friendships threaten to collapse as well

15 thoughts on “Highly Illogical Behaviour

  1. KBa76 KBa76 says:

    Solomon has not left his house for years Nobody who used to go to school with him has thought about Solomon since he jumped in a fountain Except Lisa.Lisa is determined to leave her hometown, and her ambition to get a scholarship to a psychology programme leads her to befriend Solomon and try to help him overcome his agoraphobia.We watch Solomon and Lisa take tentative steps towards friendship, always knowing that Lisa is holding something back When she introduces her boyfriend Clark to Sol we see one of the loveliest friendships ever develop.This was a deceptively simple story While it seemed rather easy on the surface, it packed quite an emotional punch.

  2. Malik Malik says:

    One thing I like about books are that writers can make something that was staged seem like it wasn t That is what this book gravely lacks I found that it was too perfect that Solomon and Clark were almost identical in their personalities Also the fact spoiler that we find out Solomon is gay after Clark expresses his discomfort with his girlfriend being close to another guy I feel like it should have been introduced in an entire different way I read other reviews saying it packed an emotional punch However I didn t feel this, instead I just found myself getting a little bit bored from how predictable most of this book was

  3. Gillian Gillian says:

    I read this book because it was chosen by my book club Not one I would have chosen myself However it surprised me The story is good, the characters believable The main character Solomon endeared himself to me and I could empathise with him and his fears Definitely recommended reading.

  4. michael baxter michael baxter says:

    Very happy with purchase Thanks.

  5. Abbie Abbie says:

    An interesting read But I just felt that the agoraphobia was described in a very detached way There wasn t enough emotion for me.

  6. George Coe George Coe says:

    Good product

  7. Ruby McNab Ruby McNab says:

    A beautiful book with much emotion Would highly recommend.

  8. TR TR says:

    Das Buch war wundervoll Ich wusste gar nicht recht, was mich erwarten w rde und bekommen habe ich eine tolle Geschichte ber Freundschaft und Gef hle, ber Tr ume und ngsteund dar ber, wie extreme Situationen das Leben ver ndern k nnen Das hier war mein erster Roman von John Corey Whaley ber den ich bisher nur Gutes geh rt habe und er hat es geschafft mich zu berzeugen Ich schlie e mich jetzt seiner Fan Sekte an Die Geschichte ist auch eine der wenigen, wenn nicht DIE Geschichte f r mich, die Mental Illness behandelt, ohne sich dabei nur auf eine Krankheit zu konzentrieren und auch noch sehr korrekt dabei ist, was die Gedanken Gef hle des Problem Protagonisten angeht So als Au enstehender, der nicht wusste, was es bedeutet agoraphobic zu sein, unter Panik und Angstst rungen zu leiden, hat der Autor mich hier an ein ernstes Thema herangef hrt, ber das ich eine Menge gelernt habe Und ich rede nicht nur dar ber, Einblicke in das alles zu erhalten, sondern auch Verst ndnis f r Dinge, die anderen Menschen das Leben ruinieren, den eigenen Horizont aber berschreiten.Die Art und Weise, wie der Autor schreibt saugt einen sofort in die Story hinein So folgt man Sol und Lisa jeweils in der dritten Person durch ihren Alltag und schnell wird die Verbindung aufgebaut, welche zur Grundlage der Handlung wird Dabei passieren hier so einige Dinge ganz unvorhersehbar Lisa hat z.B einen festen Freund und NEIN es geht nicht um eine doofe Dreiecksgeschichte oder berhaupt viel um Lieben DANKESEHR Hier geht es um Freundschaft, um eine so greifbare und wundersch ne Freundschaft, dass sie mich teils so sehr ber hrt hat, dass ich beim Lesen wirklich weinen musste Es geht aber auch um Beziehungen, Sorgen, um Moraleinfach unglaublich viele Dinge, welche die Figuren w hrend ihrer Reise reflektieren und mehr zu sich selbst finden.Und wer jetzt denkt, das Buch w re depri, der irrt sich Obwohl es oft eine ernste Note gibt, so war der Roman herrlich witzig, voller Sarkasmus und Pop Culture Referenzen Schon allein f r die echten, herzlichen Dialoge und den Humor muss man den Autor einfach lieben Ich hatte wahnsinnige Angst vor dem Ende und SO hohe Erwartungenund ja, das Ende war eines der besten Enden wenn nicht sogar DAS beste Ende dieses Jahr eines Roman, das ich seit sehr langer Zeit lesen durfte Einfach ber hrend und ehrlich.

  9. Gersolmar Gersolmar says:

    I ve just finished reading this book and I have no words, I went into it only knowing that it treated topics such as agoraphobia and I wasn t expecting to find such a wonderful and pleasant story The three main characters are simply perfect, I ve fallen in love with every single one of them, they felt extremely realistic and honest This book is light and fresh and focuses on friendship overall It is a short but intense book, every single page is worth reading because it slowly creates an amazing plot that will make you want to keep on reading until there are no pages left I definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking for a wonderful book

  10. Marco Flores Marco Flores says:

    Le el libro en un d a y medio Su corta extensi n y el uso de un ingl s muy b sico hace que vueles por las p ginas f cilmente, incluso tratando un tema delicado como suelen ser las enfermedades mentales En un principio tem a que la romantizara la idea de tenerla, pero habla de ella de una manera muy respetuosa, y se siente correcto como se maneja, como algo dif cil.Salomon es un protagonista carism tico con el que se puede conectar f cilmente Lisa por otra parte no es muy carism tica, incluso podr a decir que es muy pesada Clark tambi n tiene su algo, pero se siente que no tiene el desarrollo necesario De hecho, aparte de Salomon, el resto de personajes y sus relaciones no se sienten completamente desarrolladas, y algunas p ginas m s podr an haber cambiado sto.Esperaba que la historia tomara ciertos giros que se ve an venir, pero los tom en una direcci n contraria, lo cual me gust , porque de no ser as hubiera ca do en algunos estereotipos y se hubiera sentido forzada De cualquier manera, el final se sinti muy apresurado.

  11. asucel asucel says:

    Rating this 3.25 stars It was going to be a 3.5 but, after the ending, I decided on 3.25.The story was good, easy to read, short chapters love that , flowed well For me though, there was something missing I just didn t feel the emotional connection to the characters that I thought I should be feeling Also, I wasn t a huge fan of the ending.Overall, not bad but not great either.

  12. EM. Lipski EM. Lipski says:

    This author can certainly write With his first book I could swear he was channelling Hemingway And now this one what a well crafted story and also a bit of a page turner.

  13. Rishi Rishi says:

    The quality of Paperpack was The Worse yet I loved reading that book

  14. Amber Amber says:

    I personally loved this book, i had read the entire thing within a few hours or so and honestly its one of those books i dont think im going to be forgetting about any time soon The way the friendships grow and just the entire story in general flows so beautifully that connecting with each person emotionally is easy I would 100% recommend this book and would easily put it in my top 10 books that i would happily read over and over again.

  15. Laura Silverman Laura Silverman says:

    I am a mess This book Was so amazing.From the beginning, I related to Solomon on a really personal level I m not agoraphobic, but I have severe chronic pain, which means I have to spend most of my time in my house If I want to participate, the world, for the most part, has to come to me I m also lucky like Solomon A lot of people live with debilitating chronic illnesses, but they aren t privileged enough to have financial and or emotional support systems I m really glad Whaley decided to talk about that a few times in the book how lucky Sol is to have his great parents, how guilty he sometimes feels that his life really isn t that bad even though he lives with severe anxiety It s a very complex intersection to be handicapped and privileged, and Whaley explores it with subtle perfection.Anyways That was my personal connection to the book.Beyond that, all of the characters in here are amazing By the end I was rooting for every single one of them I want to be friends with them I want to play board games and watch TV with them Craft wise, the pacing was perfection The pages flew by, but I don t feel like a single scene was missing Oh, and it was funny Yes, this book made me cry, but like 95% of the time it made me laugh, and laugh crying is my favorite emotion of all the emotions.Okay Rambling review comes to an end Please read this book I hope you love it as much as I did