Bullying today comes in many forms, from being picked on to verbal, physical, emotional, homophobic, racist and cyberbullying This book examines all the types of bullying, looks at the reasons people bully and the variety of ways that you can combat bullying With endorsement from Kidscape, the children s charity against abuse and bullying I highly recommend this book for all ages Everyone can learn from this book I stumbled across this book on YT, and had to have it It applies to so many situations and can easily help especially kids and teens to recognize their own behavior, from how they behave online and in real life It is like a mirror and eye opener Kids cannot necessarily understand that their actions and words are harmful They really need to learn about it This book is so easy to understand I am so glad I came across this book Better late than never Recommend it for school and counselors Just my opinion. the title drew me to this book The topic was good arrived on time and in great shape I recommend it.