Gilly Freeborn is possibly the most screamingly funny teenage character ever written Will Davis, Guardian At last this much loved novel is back in print Tormented teenagers always make for a good read, but Claire Robertson has created in Gilly Freeborn, the heroine of the laugh out loud Letters of a Love Struck Teenager, one of the most hilariously tormented of them all As Gilly writes to Alexa Deerheart, Agony Aunt of The Bizz magazine, her delightfully traumatic life is laid bare The terror of having no breasts, the first tinglings literally of love, and the trials and tribulations of relationships with family and friends make her life and absolute teenage hell And as for spots read it and weep Letters of a Love Struck Teenager is pure joy and Gilly Freeborn instantly translates as a female Adrian Mole, trapped in a body that is intent on defying her Raw and passionate, decidedly naughty in places and crammed full of delightful bitchiness, this is a book to die for and certainly one that the grown ups will enjoy too as they relive the pain of those hideously confusing teenage years Ageand up Susan Harrison