A book to learn VBNet Programming through simple programs The source code of simple programs with illustration pictures in VBNet are presented in this bookVisual BasicNet is a programming language used to develop software for Windows, Web, and mobile devices It is implemented on the Framework The programs written in Visual BasicNet benefit from security and language interoperability VBNet programs are developed in Microsoft Visual Studio softwareVB is used to develop desktop application for Window Platform It is also used to develop websites powered by ASP It is an object oriented language, which supports the abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism featuresBecause of its simplicity of the syntax, VBNet has the ability to create very powerful and sophisticated applications VBNet is a great place to start computer programming for the beginnersIt is a GUI Graphical User Interface based programming language which makes each every task easier and improves the programmer s productivityThe table of contents of this book is listed below Introduction to Visual BasicNetTheNet FrameworkVisual Studio Development EnvironmentProjects and SolutionsVisual Studio ToolsProperties WindowStarting a New ProjectProgram to display a Hello messageSimple CalculatorAnimation using Timer ControlCreation of Text EditorMark Sheet of a StudentPayroll for EmployeesRailway Ticket PreparationElectricity BillMenu Driven ProgramSearching through Catalogue of BooksSlide Show of PicturesHotel Bill PreparationE QuizCalculation of BonusDatabase Application for Employee Personal Information