Three children walked away from the edge of town one day but only two of them came back A gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author, Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child by her friend Six years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity But is there any way that she can lead a normal life

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  1. TeensReadToo TeensReadToo says:

    How well do you know the people around you How do you know they are not hiding a huge secret like their past This is the second book I ve read recently that casts light on how murderers who are children fit into society after serving time for their crime Anne Cassidy s new book, LOOKING FOR JJ, will keep your interest until the very end Not only does the author give details about what happened but she lays the framework as to possible causes of why it happened because that is just as important I actually found myself feeling sorry for Jennifer, the girl who committed the crime, wishing it hadn t happened to her.Michele Livingstone is dead She died six years ago at the hands of her friend, JJ Jennifer Jones has paid for what happened to Michele There is no denying that Jennifer is responsible for Michele s death, but while reading the book I came to the conclusion that she wasn t the only one to blame Is there one thing that controls when and how aggressive someone becomes I really believe that genetic factors may contribute to behavior, but if a child is engaging in delinquent behavior it is probably due to peer influences and lapses in parenting.Jen s home life while growing up wasn t exactly the Leave it to Beaver atmosphere Her mom certainly wouldn t win any parenting awards and from an early age Jen learned how to get by on her own, alone Craving love, it is understandable that Jennifer had anger issues The question is can people change Can violent deeds of the past be forgiven with the passage of time Jennifer is about to be released from jail and the press has made it front page news once again Is JJ still a danger to other children Where is she going to live now Will the family of the dead girl try to get revenge Alice Tully, like everyone else, follows the stories in the paper with keen interest The only thing is that Alice knows something no one else does She knows where Jennifer Jones is Only three other people know her whereabouts What is the connection between Alice Tully and Jennifer Jones Why does Alice live in constant fear Who is Alice Tully exactly Read the book to find out..Reviewed by coollibrarianchick

  2. ElIn ElIn says:

    This year my pre holiday book shopping was NOT hold up brilliant and thank you, Wordery This book is from a recommended by school Summer Reads, so I read it as well to be able to discuss and generate a decent quality h w.My 13 yo son, for who it was purchased, found it a bit too mundane, he called it a book with no story line My take is that it s, indeed, a life story with now frills But behind the unsensational nature of everyday descriptions is a true drama of an unfortunate little girl s fate There is a lot to think about life choices that some people make and their consequences, that others are not aware of, how difficult it is to put wrongs to rights and the strength to continue to live no matter what It is about how we, as a society, sometimes swayed by the superficial facts in the media, are hastily judgemental, when forgiveness would be appropriate Will continue to discuss.

  3. Lidia Lidia says:

    I first read Looking for JJ when i was in school almost 10 years ago It hit me hard as a first thriller as i was never much of a reader before this.I have recently re read this and it definitely didn t disappoint the second time round.It can be a little tricky to get into but once it gets going its a real page turner Recommend for teens and young adults

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    A child dies and another child is accused and found guilty of the murder Slightly difficult read as another child killing by children fresh in ones mind made the subject matter very uncomfortable to visualise However as I read the book I found that I could understand how such an event could take place when a child is given no support no direction and no love Then I got an inkling that JJ has been set up and I now think that although she did assault the child she did not actually kill her and I strongly suspect someone else As the follow up is now out I will find out if I m right or just too trusting for words They say victims are just that because they can t read the criminal face well I m using my minds eye so lets see if it lets me down A personal nod to the author as she has made me think beyond the storyA good read for the amateur sleuth

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    Good book but I bought for my 11 year old as Anne Cassidy is a suggested author for school reading but not age appropriate as I discovered when I read it first.

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    Good book and in good condition

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    Best read of my lifeso far It should have a sequel Great detail I m going to read it again and again

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    My daughter was raving about this book for days She loves this author She is eleven I haven t read the book

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    as described

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    Took a while to get into it but when I did I was hooked Really good book Can not wait to read thee next one.

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    Good condition and arrived when said it would Good price will use again.

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    little bit scary it is a second hand book but the quality is great.