Girls are cool But we are not always cool to each other Being a teenager is hard work, but being a teenage girl is even harder And to top it all off, instead of supporting each other through these challenging years, girls tend to cut each other down Far from being made of sugar and spice, teenage girls are instead powered by a multitude of body changing, mind bending hormones, making the complex terrain of social relationships harder than ever to navigate Surviving the gossip, note passing, taunting and teasing of school is a challenge for any teen, but without doubt, it is girls who specialise in the art of being mean Why do we behave this way And what can we do to break these painful cycles of envy and passive aggression Packed with no nonsense explanations and positive advice for both victims and mean girls, Bonnie Burton outlines how we can isolate the mean from the teen and find permanent and positive solutions to female bullying Five stars I am in my mid 40 s and picked up on this book out of curiosity as to why I witness the same pattern amongst girls and women over and over again, years after I finished high school, or junior high school for that matter Ms Burton actually addresses the issue of why most girls and certain women have a tendency to be abusive towards their gender.This book is a very easy and quick read as it is also eloquently and simplistically informative If people read this book and comprehended the message, I believe that we would see some improving civility within, not only the female gender, but, for society as a whole. Helpful for my daughter who was experiencing some nastiness from a girl in class As with books of this nature, it does paint with a broad brush, but I really like the long perspective she takes There are no good guys or bad guys, just good and bad ways of dealing with things I d recommend. Good book for teenage girls to read Would highly recommend For my granddaughters She loved it I choose this book because it was on my summer reading list I liked reading it and thought it was a quick read Girls Against Girls is a very good book written by an author who cares about girls and wanting to take a stand against bullying and anti girl violence.Bonnie Burton s book is a must read for every girl, teenage girl, woman, and parent out there whether you re a victim of bullying yourself in life or cyber bullying Go get it, read it, and be educated. This is the book I was always looking for in the 1990 s when I was a teen I am so glad to have it now, however for my daughters who will be teens in just a few years Not only does the book give great insight into how we as females act toward each other and how we react to it, but it also has great advice on how to stop the vicious cycles we put ourselves into The book is full of quotes and even website resources to help out with some of the difficult issues at hand.I have to say also, not only teens can benefit from this book, but really any woman of any age can gain something from this book I found not only great advice to help me in my own life, but also some great pointers that I could give to my 9 and 6 year old daughters, now I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, I guaranty you will walk away from it with something that will help you in your day to day life no matter what your age or situation. This book is just what I needed I only wish it was around when I was a teenager I m a grown woman it made me realise I wasn t alone in all that I ve gone through Not only did I read it twice, I sent it to my niece who is reading it with her mum.It s a great reminder we re all human not to sweat the small petty comments people make about us Thanks Bonnie