I am in my thirties and I have read several young adults books lately, maybe to catch up on subjects that didn t use to be written about in books when i was a teen myself.I find this one particularly beautiful, the characters are believable and I love the way their feelings and thoughts are described simply but with accurate words This is a book about judging persons too hastily, about fierce friendship, not letting our past define us, and about the power of written communication Delicate and emphatic I definitely recommend it Last but not least the cover is beautiful It reflects the spirit of the book. I m a fan of YA novels but i do find they tend to be very hit and miss This one not only gets it right, its one of the best I ve ever read A book this good deserves 5 stars and for any YA fans this one is a must read Trust me you won t regret it I m just hoping I don t have to wait too long for Rev s book. How weird is it for me to say I accidentally started reading this book but just didn t stop when I started Don t get me wrong, I had every intention of reading it because it sounded amazing full disclosure it really is amazing , but when it arrived in the post this morning, I read the first page I do it with all of my paperbacks because that s how I roll and suddenly found myself 100 pages in some time later and thinking well, no point stopping now It s now three in the morning and I ve just finished the book, much to my dismay It s been a long time since I ve been THAT enthralled with a book and it s characters This book reeled me in from the very first page and still hasn t let me go, even though the last page has been read I was thoroughly engrossed and couldn t year myself away from the pages for very long The characters were beautiful They had depth, they had demons they fought every day, they were flawed and perfect The growth they both go through is admirable and was a treasure to read I found myself relating a lot to both Jules and Declan, the emotions and feelings they sometimes conveyed have been a huge element in my life, so connecting to these characters was an easy thing for me Through that, I grew very attached I didn t want the book to end, I wanted from Cemetery Girl and The Dark The story was compelling and captivating, and I honestly felt like I was on the same journey as them as I read the book Beautifully written, flowed flawlessly It would be a crime to give this book any less than five stars 4.5 Beautiful Just beautiful I love that it is not a love story There s so much to it It s so much deeper.It speaks about grief, coming to term with your losses, judgement and assumption based on very limited knowledge and self acceptance It wasn t cheesy, neither was anything romanticised But it dealt with these themes in a very mature and realistic way and it was just a stunning read, enveloping my heart. Secret letters spark true love in this emotionally compelling romance perfect for fans of Nicola Yoon and Stephanie Perkins A Zoella Book Club Pick Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother, a world traveling photojournalist Even after her mother s death, she leaves letters at her grave It s the only way Juliet can cope Declan Murphy isn t the sort of guy you want to cross In the midst of his court ordered community service at the local cemetery, he s trying to escape the demons of his past When Declan reads a haunting letter left beside a grave, he can t resist writing back Soon, he s opening up to a perfect stranger, and their connection is immediate But neither Declan nor Juliet knows that they re not actually strangers When life at school interferes with their secret life of letters, sparks will fly as Juliet and Declan discover truths that might tear them apart I really adore Kemmerer s writing style, I could get lost in her books for hours Letters to the Lost was beautiful and heartbreaking The grief that Juliet and Declan are experiencing is so raw and fresh, I felt my heart ripping into a million pieces for these fictional characters Declan s story in particular resonated with me, his stepfathers attitude was just so real Having been the odd one out in my childhood household, I just felt that the emotions and the feelings were so well described I could write for hours about this book, and how much I loved it I really hope we get a third book, because these characters are wonderful, and their stories really show that there whilst there is so much hurt and pain in the world, there is also kindness, love, friendship and so many other wonderful things to counterbalance the bad.