What a wonderful novel I warmed instantly to Kieran, and found myself totally wrapped up in his pursuit of justice The story is written in a pacy style, which, as well as keeping the reader s interest, means that it would, I m sure, be a great read aloud.I loved it from start to finish I bought this book for my daughter after meeting the authors daughter I am told she enjoyed the book, found the story very interesting and it kept the reader guessing A very good read She wanted to give 4.5 stars but it isn t possible. There s been a murder, but the police don t care It was only a homeless old man after all Kieran cares He s going to find out what really happened To Colin And to his grandma, who just stopped coming round one day It s good that Kieran s a master of observation, and knows all the detective tricks of the trade But being a detective is difficult when you re amazing at drawing but terrible at fitting in And when there are dangerous secrets everywhere, not just outside, but under your own roof I bought this after reading some rave reviews and details of the darley Anderson launch party Thought I d try my hand writing a children s novel Seemed easy.It s a little like the curious incident, but the central character is with it and engaging Well written though a number of simple errors have slipped through But it doesn t interrupt the flow Characters are well written and the plot develops well.In fact, it s not that easy so I shant be dabbling in this genre any time soon.Good luck with the next one Kim. Smart is a page Turner if ever there was one The characters live, and the social commentary is never foreground despite the very serious issues tackled A little too heavily influenced by The Curious Incident in places, but nevertheless immensely enjoyable, uplifting and rewarding. I loved this book it s all about crime and a murder with a little boy who really wants to be a detective when he s older and manages to solve all on his own I really recommend this book to people who are interested in crime. Great book Beautifully written Brought tears to the eyes, and makes you think very carefully about what it is to be different This is a beautifully written book that left me full of admiration for the excellent writing The reader sees the world through Keiron s eyes and it s not a pretty sight However Keiron is one of life s good guys and was immediately engaging and lovable Despite his heartbreaking treatment at home, he is very kind and bears no prejudices.The mystery at the centre of it is intriguing enough to keep the reader guessing, yet I became equally interested in the mystery behind Keiron s family There were lots of strands to this story and they were weaved together seamlessly.The ending was exactly what I wanted from this beautiful and moving book and I look forward to reading from this very talented author I read the whole book in two nights and couldn t put it down. A lovely little story and one l throughly enjoyed although in parts it made me cry the boy at the heart of the story has so much going on he has a strong bond with his mother regardless of his difficulties very well written and the author is very versatile in her work as her adult books are just as good highly recommend her books