What does it mean to become a Jewish woman This growing up business isn t always what it s cracked up to be It can be complicated and scary and seem impossibly hard With all the choices and challenges before her, how does a girl become a young Jewish woman The JGirl s Guide is a first of its kind book of practical, real world advice using Judaism as a compass for the journey through adolescence This newly updated and expanded survival guide for coming of age explores the wisdom and experiences of rabbis, athletes, writers, scholars, musicians and great Jewish thinkersThis inspiring, interactive book can help Jewish girls figure it all out It explores what happens at school and with friends It shows them how to get along better with their families It offers them a chance to hear the voices of other girls going through experiences just like theirsNow s the time when girls are thinking Who am I What do I believe in Who will I become The JGirl s Guide provides Jewish writings, traditions and advice that can helpAttuned to pop culture and trending topics, such as eating disorders and healthdiversity and inclusionfriendship and bullyingecology and ethical issuesteen time management being a daughterbecoming a Jewish woman within new gender constructs Useful when read by individuals or used in group settingsAccessible to wide variety of Jewish and Jew ish peopleMany prompts for thinking, writing, and doing