A toolbox of twenty one strategies kids can use to get along with others Every child could use help with social skills and making friends This book provides twenty one concrete strategies children can use to express themselves, build relationships, end arguments and fights, halt bullying, and beat unhappy feelings It s like a toolbox of kid friendly social skills just open it up and pull out tools like Mighty Might, which takes all the fun out of teasingThought Chop, which helps kids resist self defeating thoughtsSqueaky Wheel, a type of persistence that gets resultsCoin Toss, a simple way to resolve small conflicts Each tool is clearly described, illustrated with true to life examples, and accompanied by dialogue and lines children can practice and use Authentic stories and anecdotes show each tool in action This revised and updated second edition incorporates electronic communication, cyberbullying, and social media with age appropriate guidelines and stories A note to adults includes up to date research on and recommendations for social skills and bullying For kids, Speak Up and Get Alongmakes learning social skills accessible and fun Great book that teaches social skills to kids at school Has exercises and scenarios to role play with your kids as well. I like this book it has some useful techniques but it is aimed much at the 10 group rather than the niggles that can start lower down in school.I would recommend if you have a child aged 10 and they need some help with having confidence in the school setting Its helpful easy to understand. This is definitely a must have book for child to read I read this together with my daughter and its really helpful and interesting.