This follow up to Geekerella sees some familiar characters as well as many new faces.Again I read this with a massive smile on my face I particularly loved the details about the convention and its venue as they were spot on and invoked memories of a certain actual Atlanta Labor Day weekend convention I used to attend.I m not sure how else to express how much I love the characters and stories in this book I am sure I need of these books in my life. If you re a fandom girl and love conventions, series and movies You re gonna love this one it s filled with all those awesome nods and references and it s really touching too Maybe even better than the first book I throughly enjoyed delving into this book after devouring Geekerella The world created is carried so well in this stand alone, and to have Elle and Darien and the whole gang return once again elevates this book to new standards It retains its nerdy style that the first book delivers thoroughly, while giving us new and refreshing characters who we instantly fall in love with because of, as I m sure most people will agree, the relatable and individual nerdy nature of each character The book also delves deeper into Jessica s character which I felt was an amazing way to carry on this universe, as we don t truly begin to relate or become attached to Jess in Geekarella, and to see her become a women of her own who is forceful and strong and does the Princess Amara name proud I would say this book is very successful as a stand alone and as a follow on from Geekerella, especially if read one after the other 5 stars from me I loved it It had me howling with laughter, screaming in excitement and honestly brought a few years to my eyes It a fun filled read based at comic conand although it s silly and light hearted in parts there are parts that are so deeply personal and meaningful to any cosplayer or anyone else that has doubt about themself I once again saw myself in the a number of different characters and the only thing I can really say is saveamara Movie star Jessica Stone can t go up onstage at another con and pretend to love Starfield any except that she s contractually obligated She never dreamed she d be playing Princess Amara for life, but people love Princess Amara, and for better or worse, Princess Amara has Jessica Stone s face But it turns out, so does someone else Imogen Weatherby is just another Starfield fan hitting up ExcelsiCon except that she happens to look an awful lot like Jessica Stone and no, you re not the first one to point it out When Jess spots Imogen, she has a brilliant idea swap places Jessica can live her life out of the spotlight while Imogen pretends to be her on the rest of the con circuit, and Imogen can ditch her crappy barista job and finally get to see something beyond her hometown But Jess doesn t anticipate actually liking Imogen s life or Imogen s gorgeous best friend, Hana, who might just be the person Jess needs to forget about her ex And Imogen loves being Jess Stone and might even love this super talented artist, Tamaki, who she keeps bumping into Except Tamaki thinks she s Jessica Stone When an obsessive fan finds out the truth and threatens to expose Jess for the fake geek girl she is, it will take both Jess and Imogen to stand up for the truth That there is no such thing as a fake geek girl That if you are a fan, then you are accepted And that even if you aren t a fan, you are worthy That you are not invisible That what you love matters From the acclaimed author of Geekerella, this geeky spin on The Prince and the Pauper is a perfect story for geek girls of every fandom My daughter loves the book I feel like I start all my positive reviews with I loved this book, but oh wow do I love this book I absolutely loved Geekerella, so it was fun jumping back into this world These books really bring the love of fandoms to justice and it makes me so happy Because the whole book takes place at a weekend long convention, it is full of geeky references that made me smile each time The Doctor Who ones especially made me happy Well, those and every time someone was referred to as a Hufflepuff.The characters in this story felt very real Jess was someone we were made to dislike in Geekerella, but with this partially in her perspective, we get to see the real her I think that is one of the biggest reasons why reading the other book first is so important Throughout this book, she struggles a lot with wanting to just be herself and wanting to be loved for that person as opposed to the image she creates This difference is a huge part of the book, so being able to see how awful she is from the outside in book one is important.That being said, I loved getting to see the inner workings of Jess She deals with a lot of self image issues, depression, and not feeling loved As someone who has had a lot of the same struggles minus the whole being a celebrity thing it felt super real Her emotions and thoughts came across very well and were spot on I also loved seeing her slowly open up to Imogen s friend Harper, even though she s pretending to be Imogen Getting to see the nerdy side of her was fun, too.Then we have Imogen Mo and Jess s assistant, Ethan Mo is the ultimate fangirl who feels as if she lives in everyone s shadow Ethan has been Jess s best friend since they were children He s in on the plan, but he hates it He and Imogen fight and bicker the entire time, and me being me I loved it When I say the enemies to lovers trope is my favorite, I m not kidding Their sarcasm and mockery made me all sorts of happy inside.There are also minor characters like Mo s younger brother, Milo, and his boyfriend, Bran I really loved them and honestly, my only complaint about the book is that I wanted of them There were also appearances from Geekerella characters Elle, Darien, Sage, and Calliope.The book is well written I really enjoy Poston s style It s easy and quick to read It moves at a good pace, although there were a few slow moments There were so many incredible quotes in this book, too I think I highlighted parts in my Kindle edition than any other book It showed both sides of feeling insecure and like a nobody, and it was inspirational to see the characters grow and learn to accept themselves I m not a movie star, and I don t attract swaths of adoring fans, and my voice is tiny but my dreams are big and I don t mind being me The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley PostonIt was a fun mystery full of geeky references, tons of sarcasm, and, of course, romance I highly recommend these books, especially to those who are in a fandom It s very relatable in many ways and fun to read a story in such an atmosphere Original review on Functionally Fictional. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fandom in want of a princess will save that princess That is the mindset Imogen Mo Lovelace has when she begins the SaveAmara campaign on social media, trying to bring back from the dead Princess Amara, who was tragically fridged in the both the ending of the original Starfield TV show and the new reboot movie She s excited to be at ExcelsiCon, meeting her friend Harper IRL for the first time, and is on a mission to save her favorite princess.Too bad Princess Amara doesn t want to be brought back from the dead Jessica Stone is desperate to put Starfield behind her and move on to bigger, better productions After all, why would she want to stay when her Twitter and Instagram are flooded with trolls and manbabies who criticize everything about her It s perfectly understandable that ExcelsiCon is the last place on earth Jess wants to be Good thing she has Ethan, her best friend and personal assistant.Then the script for the sequel leaks And all signs are pointing to Jess Fortunately, she has a plan when she and Imogen are mistaken for each other After all, what harm is there in swapping places for a few days An excellent companion novel to Geekerella, Ashley Poston accurately captures the essence of the beauty, wonder, and camaraderie of being in a fandom, while simultaneously not shying away from the other, uglier side of fandom Trolls are not only just in the dungeons, but everywhere you look and do their best to zap away all of your joy and fun side eyes Voltron fandom Fans of Geekerella will be happy to see the return of familiar faces and feel a sense of returning home on the floor of ExcelsiCon, while simultaneously falling in love with new characters and eagerly awaiting the reveal of who is behind the script leaks.Look to the stars Aim Ignite I am so thrilled to be a part of the hype for this book April 2nd cannot come quick enough I cannot wait to see the whole layout for the finished copy Geekerella was such a gorgeous book When I read Geekerella last year, I didn t expect to get a sequel of sorts The Princess and the Fangirl is actually a companion that follows Jess Dar s co star who plays Amara and another new character, Imogen.TP TF is a modern gender bent retelling of The Prince and the Pauper I ve never actually read The Prince and the Pauper, but I am very familiar with the Barbie classic The Princess and the Pauper Call me a dork all you want, but the earlier Barbie movies were 8 year old Olivia s favorite I loved those movies They were cliche, they weren t the best plot wise, the music wasn t as fantastic as the kiddos of the time thought, and they weren t animated that fantastically either HOWEVER, I really do appreciate the emphasis on powerful and capable women throughout the movies.In this book, there are so many amazing characters Ashley Poston has such a talent for writing about characters main and side characters, alike that are so well written and complex I love it when the side characters have their own personalities and lives outside of the POV of the main characters It adds such a fantastic depth to the overall story I would have loved to get to know about Imogen s moms They were so nerdy and caring I loved their relationship and their relationship with their kids They seemed to be so different, but so perfect for each other I love them.I also absolutely adore Imogen s brother and his boyfriend I loved getting little glimpses of their relationship I hope that the next companion if we get one is about them I definitely need that in my life They were too freaking cute Let s talk about Ethan I love him He s definitely a Hufflepuff and I love his quirks and grumpy attitude I m sure that people aren t going to like him, but he reminds me too much of my boyfriend at times to actually dislike his attitude I love his dedication to his best friend Jess and I love what he does when he gets stressed and worried I will let you find that out yourself Please read this book Speaking of Jess, let s talk about her too She s so complex and I really enjoyed her as a character She and Imogen are technically the main characters of this book, but I really felt like Jess was the 1 focus She goes through so much growth over four days and I just love her growth as a character Her behavior, at first really bugged me, but as the book continued I finally understood what all she went through as the reboot Amara I love how Ashley Poston highlighted the positive and negative aspects of fandom culture There are definitely wonderful and perfect moments about being in a fandom, but there are toxic behavior and toxic behaviors that come with it This was the perfect love letter to fandom culture.This book was exactly what I needed during my long Martin Luther King Jr weekend I cannot wait to read what Ashley Poston has next I definitely need to pick up Heart of Iron soon She is quickly becoming a new favorite author I need to read HOI before the sequel, Soul of Stars comes out in July Ashley is such a badass writer Wow If you love fluffy romance novels with hate to love romance, slow burn romance, wonderful sibling dynamics, fandom references, healthy growth and badassery, sweet diverse couples, and laugh out loud squeal out loud scream out loud moments, definitely pick up this book Pre order it It comes out April 2nd You need this book in your life This is definitely a favorite of the year Okay so I m supposed to say here that I got this book from NetGalley for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review BUT I also want you to know as soon as I finished this I went ahead and purchased my own copy so yeahyou can trust me here.I feel like this book knew how to connect with me It had a little bit of everything There were several moments that made me laugh out loud, plenty of moments that made me sigh with love, and then really inspirational moments that I didn t see coming when I started this book.Overall, I would recommend this book To anyone that s ever loved a fandom of any kind, I bet it s in here Doctor Who, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Buffy, Firefly, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, and too many to name are all mentioned several times throughout the book To anyone that s ever gone or wanted to go to a convention, you ll love how this book takes you there.This book is just a perfect little nerd book for my little nerd heart to love.I also read Geekerella and honestly, I think I love this one It felt a little rushed and if I m honest, I wish it would have been a bit longer to really get into this but this book was just so cute