Updated for Scratch , JuneThis bookletofis part of a series that teaches the basic principles of coding It is used with the other workbooks in this coding series in the format of a course Each workbook is a manageable size that does not intimidate the young student This is an absolute beginner s guide and as such may not be suitable for students of intermediate coding knowledge who need less guidance There are no prerequisites The step by step instructions make the process easy to follow It leads students from the creation of the Scratch project to the understanding of loops, variables, motion, position of coordinates on the screen, and other concepts that are necessary for developing a coding mindsetThe workbooks can be used as a tool to support a larger group in the school classroom or extracurricular coding clubs Scratch is a visual tool, and thus this book is visual as well It provides a way of learning that is proficient and fun Students will also pick up several mathematical concepts from this book without even noticing they are learning For information and download materials visit

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  1. Mildred Gordon Mildred Gordon says:

    I am enjoying this book Thank you