Tomozaki is one of the best gamers in Japan, and in his opinion, the game of real life is one of the worst No clear cut rules for success, horribly balanced, and nothing makes sense But then he meets a gamer who s just as good as him, and she offers to teach him a few exploits

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  1. mistersaxon mistersaxon says:

    Are you a lonely nerdy misfit Do you think real life is a bad game and you pulled a poor character in a selection screen you don t even remember Do you lose yourself in alternate worlds like computer gaming Then you, too, may be a protagonist in a story like this one in your dreams But in this story, the protagonist gets a mentor in the Game of Life and, amazingly, it s high spec, all round school darling and rising star Aoi Hinami, who decides, almost on a whim, to train our hapless hero in Real Life So this book is full of some possibly genuinely useful life advice and a huge amount of charm and good hearted ness, plus humour and just enough drama to keep you hooked throughout It s strong debut by Yuki Yaku and the second volume is just as good This is a series I will definitely be following.

  2. Jake Jake says:

    My first e book purchase and I may have been converted Couldn t put this book down, the character interactions were entertaining from start to finish.

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    Quando comprei a obra, achei que seria um bom Slice of Life com com dia, mas para minha surpresa, trata se de um enredo s rio e bem desenvolvido N o que entendam mal, h momentos hil rios, mas o foco outro O enredo bom e possui personagens interessantes, embora nem todos Eu n o sei como cada um vai reagir logo de cara ao ler essa light novel, para mim foi r pido me apegar a obra, para alguns pode ser que de algumas dezenas de p ginas S pe o que tenham paci ncia com o protagonista, h desenvolvimento dele.

  4. Ryam Ryam says:

    This book is half plot, half life coaching Tomozaki makes some good progress and you can t help but root for him as you see his attitude start to change for the better The way he s encouraged to turn his relentless, never give up attitude that many gamers take towards their games and refocus it onto real life was well done The book also has some decent insights like how in games you get EXP by winning tough battles, in real life you gain EXP by losing those battles It was also interesting to see how the author incorporated the effect of the harder you try, the luckier you get While Tomozaki fails stupendously throughout the story, his losses not only makes him resilient to future losses, but also give him access to positive opportunities he wouldn t have had had he not failed.Overall this is an optimistic and positive story that tries to show that by changing your perspective, you can start to do things that may have once seemed impossible for you.

  5. Ian Beck Ian Beck says:

    I read a fair amount of light novels, and it is very rare to find a series in which the characters are truly dynamic You can find tons of stories where the characters grow powerful a few where they become cynical but typically a character s core personality just doesn t shift much.Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki is one of the rare exceptions, and it s fantastic Although you would think that a story about a gamer trying to win at the game of life would be dull or preachy, Tomozaki s quirky observations about the people around him, sympathetic awkwardness, and competitive spirit make for a wonderfully entertaining romp through a Japanese high school that simultaneously feels like every Japanese high school you ve ever read aboutexcept filled with characters who feel like people instead of glorified tropes.You really owe it to yourself to give this series a shot At its core it s a book that embraces some of the best parts of nerd culture, acknowledges the benefits and realities of popular culture, and encourages you to plot along with Tomozaki about how to fight to learn and overcome the social dynamics around him to improve his own life.Although the cast is predominantly female, I hesitate to call this a harem There are certainly harem elements, but again the characters all have individual motivations and the vast majority of them are simply uninterested in the main character.Highly recommended.

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    The story is pretty good It s an easy going reading, pretty good characters I finished the book in 2 runs because it s a pretty good story , you want to know what happens next I totally recommend the book.I ve read all volumes of No Game No Life, so I was interested to into the authors opinion regarding the world being a bad game The author sets _blank counterpart in this book, like really teasing NGNL won t mention any parts of it, it s pretty easy to see it when you are reading the book.I just finish reading it and I want to read about the story , it s really engaging.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book Cynical gamer discovers a girl in his class is also an elite gamer, she ends up becoming his life coach, and amazing character growth ensues I look forward to the next volume.

  8. James Chung James Chung says:

    Honestly I m not sure what I expected going into this book but as I started reading I realized that it s not just a novel but a self help book as well There are valuable lessons about life and has a heartwarming story with memorable characters to serve as a wrapper for these core lessons I am writing this at 6 in the morning on a Monday If that s not an indication of this book s quality then I don t know what is.

  9. Jason Brown Jason Brown says:

    this book is simply was well written and the translation is also quite understandable with few if any errors.the story is captivating and I binged the first 3 novels in 2 days it really resonated with me and waiting for the next volume is going to be really makes you think, I ve even started exercising again because of the push this series gave me for self improvement.well worth the read I highly recommend it.

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    Not mind blowing but I liked it

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    It s like reading Sophie s world but a lot better I thought it was an isekai story from the tittle but it s a lot better for a change of phase This novel touches up some human psychology and explains some society aspects in gaming term Can t wait for the next volume.I also liked it a lot how they retains some of the Japanese suffixes Thank you translators

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    Great story about a Loner Nerd learning to Level up in the Game of life with the help of a rival Gamer I already Pre ordered Vol 2.

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    Felt like a self help book than a light novel, but was a good read Is worth giving a shot

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    Just as it says