Trust Dr Spock, but listen to Sheri Lynch, who decodes the pitfalls of pregnancy and trials of new motherhood in this hilarious little book Hello, My Name is Mommy is for every pregnant woman and new mother who ever felt helpless and out of control instead of confident and aglow Lynch taps into everyone s fears of becoming a mom to honestly talk real girl to real girl about what s bothering many moms to be If a mommy was raised on raw hot dogs and second hand smoke is she doomed to repeat the cycle Kids are kind of germy and smelly and gross, but does thinking that mean you re a bad mommy Can a working mommy actually go to a meeting and function with Cheerios stuck to her body under her nursing bra Full of useful advice and understanding, Hello, My Name is Mommy is for every mother who isn t quite sure if her instincts can be trusted and who may have wondered even for one second if she s already screwed up her newborn s lifeSheri Lynch lives with her husband, stepson and two children in Charlotte