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15 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures Collection Kami Garcia Margaret Stohl 4 Books Set (Beauti...

  1. Ashley Ashley says:

    Love this series

  2. Evie Evie says:


  3. Customer Customer says:

    Came in plenty of time..Brand new and made a very good birthday present

  4. Customer Customer says:

    bought as a present she liked it very much

  5. Angela Anderson Angela Anderson says:

    After watching Beautiful Creatures the movie, I purchased these books so our teen could read these while on our summer holidays So far so good.

  6. Nicola cooper Nicola cooper says:

    Brilliant books cannot wait to see the film now should be fabulous if they keep the story to the books.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Arrived quickly but the first book had the movie art for its cover where as the other 3 was as advertised

  8. Tisk Tisk says:

    I bought all three books expecting to be tied to my bed or chair the next three days What happend was, sadly, a quite exhausting read meaning boring , the book has very looong passages, and then speedy ones again, sometimes it is well written in terms of being exciting, then again just nothing interesting at all happens When the first book came to an end, I had to look at the end of the second book and did not really know whether to laugh or cry because it was SO predictable, and so. cheap as an ending with continuance I won t go into the detail of the story, but I felt a little taken for a ride, you ll see, when you read it.Can t say if the author s shouldn t have just put it all in one book Would have probably been better interesting.It is also a little sad that the two main characters are kind of always the same and don t seem to really evolve or develop in their brains, not in their magic skills. So yeah, all in all a shallow read.

  9. CathyB66 CathyB66 says:

    I liked the books, but you may be disappointed if you watched read Harry Potter or the Vampire Movies and expect the same from these books They could use a little imagination and be a wee bit less predictable If you are looking for stories to get your kids interested in reading, and they are around 14 you will like these books because there is no sexmaybe I m old fashioned but I m not ready for my daughter to learn about that just yet.

  10. YK YK says:

    not the greatest read, i rarely say this like never , but I felt the movie was actually better than the book omg what utter blasphemy right I know but seriously it could of been better written

  11. J. Chuon J. Chuon says:

    Das Set wurde bereits innerhalb von 3 Tagen geliefert.Das erste Band ist super Sch ne Story und interessante Charaktere Wird oft mit Twilight verglichen, aber stimme dem berhaupt nicht zu Klar, einige Gemeinsamkeiten sind vorhanden, aber dennoch nicht komplett vergleichbar Zudem ist die Geschichte tiefgr ndiger als Twilight Geht dann schon eher in die Richtung Vampire Diaries.Also meinerseits aufjedenfall zu empfehlen

  12. Brooke Brooke says:

    Honestly, This book series really dissapointed me.I don t like how it was set in such a war theme, but i did however enjoy that it was in the boys point of view.

  13. HBBC HBBC says:

    Love these books got addicted and then ended up going out and buying the hard copy of the 4th book Not at all like the film Def worth a read

  14. KT KT says:

    I have not been able to put it down I love reading books before watching the movie Thank you very much

  15. Mellissa Mellissa says:

    I am just starting the third book and I love it.I love the mystery of watching L learn who she is and how she changes everything.Ethan is adoarable though Link is becoming my favorite