Ages As an educator, human developmentalist, and the Inventor of Living Skills Books for Kids, Joy Berry knows kids Her books teach children about taking responsibility for themselves and their actions With sales of overmillion books, Joy has helped millions of parents and their childrenHelp Me Be Good About Being Bullied helps children replace Misbehavior being bullied with a good behavior in an inviting format that includes text and cartoonsEach book in the Help Me Be Good Series defines a misbehavior, explains the cause of the misbehavior and its negative effects, and offers children and parents practical advice for tuning the misbehavior into acceptable behaviorThe complete Help Me Be Good series includes Being a Bad SportBeing BossyBeing BulliedBeing CarelessCheatingComplainingBeing DestructiveDisobeyingFightingBeing ForgetfulGossipingBeing GreedyInterruptingBeing LazyLyingBeing MeanOverdoing ItBreaking PromisesBeing RudeBeing SelfishShowing OffSnoopingStealingThrowing TantrumsTattlingTeasingBeing WastefulWhining

6 thoughts on “Help Me Be Good About Being Bullied (English Edition)

  1. mom of boyz mom of boyz says:

    Simple to follow Funny frog in it to keep kids interested Shows compassion and being assertive I LIKE the series too.

  2. ash ash says:

    My daughter was being bullied in school and she used to feel intimidated.This book is her favorite , it has given her tips on handling bullies.Thank you

  3. Kim Fioco Kim Fioco says:

    Thank you

  4. newbie newbie says:

    Love it

  5. Faberge' Fullman Faberge' Fullman says:

    I m a Kindergarten teacher, helpful teaching tool

  6. Erika Hamric Erika Hamric says:

    This helps me stand up to bullies In my school.I think this book is made for my sister and my friend