Completely Updated in DecemberSexuality is one of the most important and defining aspects of our lives The human experience of sexuality not only involves the aim of procreation, but has several other functions as well Sexuality can strengthen and deepen a relationship can serve as a method to relieve tension is widely seen as a way of self expression and not to minimize it, it is usually a joyful activity Humans have a farcomplex sexuality than any other species This kind of complexity broadens the opportunities to havefun and derivepleasure from sexual activities, but it is also a source of problems associated with desires, wishes and actions associated with sex In this book, we examine a less positive aspect of human sexuality the sexual problems, pain, and confusion of teenagers This age is traditionally the time for building identity in human development, and sexuality is seen as an integral part of this process Although the available sources of information seem to be almost infinite, finding the appropriate way for any individual is probably harder than ever This book, however provides many links and Youtube video links for adding to your knowledge base on how to manage your confusionIn this book you will find some interesting input from men and women who have suffered and endured the process of sexual confusion and share their stories There is no need for any teenager to feel alone and isolated in today s technological and socially connected world So while there may be pain in adolescence, there is hope and wisdom from your peers and your elders readily available to you