All stability in sixteen year old Ridge McCoys life crashed and burned in the plane crash that killed his dad This summer long basketball camp is his chance to improve his skills and escape his problems back home But his summer plans take a turn in an unexpected direction when he meets Micah Youngblood, the guy who runs the carousel at the local mall and has a reputation for devouring straight boys heterosexuality for breakfast, alongside his chocolate chip pancakes Ridge needs a way to avoid the guys at camp, whose only quest for the summer is to drown in beer and hook up with girls So when Micah offers to explain how the ten unique horses on the carousel are significant to his tribe, Ridge takes him up on it Still, Ridge can t decide if this is a bad thing or not All he knows is that he hasnt felt this alive since his dad fell from the sky, and as the horse adventures come to an end, Ridge finds himself falling as well for Micah

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  1. L Jones L Jones says:

    Falling from the Sky is a M M YA basketball romance and I couldn t have loved it any Honestly the only thing I didn t like was that I didn t read it sooner.I m a huge fan of sports romance books and characters that are broken, damaged or hurting This book had everything.Ridge hasn t lived fully since his dad was killed in a plane crash a year ago Things at home since are strained His girlfriend only stays with him so she s not that girl The one constant in his life is basketball Along with his best friend Terrance he enrols in a summer basketball camp He intends to strengthen his skills and hopes a summer away from home will benefit everyone.What he doesn t expect is to meet Micah, the Native American boy who operates the carousel at the mall, on his first day of camp.This book is told from Ridge s POV although as Micah is pretty honest and forthcoming about his feelings it s soon obvious how he feels Micah tells Ridge that ten of the horses on the carousel hold different meanings to him, his family and his tribe He asks Ridge to spend time with him over the summer between basketball practice and games so he can tell him the tales of the horses Ridge agrees as an excuse to escape from the other guys at camp who are intent on having random hook ups.Over the course of the summer Micah helps Ridge, through festivals, camp fire stories and fireworks, deal with his dad s death and learn to stand a little taller and breathe a litter easier.I absolutely adored this book I laughed, I cried and tried very hard not to watch the percentage read running away from me I didn t want this book to end Any book that has me smiling through my tears will forever stay with me.The slow, sweet build up to one of my favourite closing chapters ever was wonderful The attraction between Ridge and Micah was palpable even before the appearance of Ridge s girlfriend to emphasise how passionless their relationship was Ridge and Micah s first kiss was everything I wanted it to be and so much Their HEA was hard won and all the wonderful for it.Terrance and Micah s sister Zoey deserve special mentions as absolute superstars of supporting characters They made me want to be a better person, sister and friend.After the strength of Falling from the Sky I am incredibly excited to read from Nikki Godwin in fact I have my next book of hers lined up I know that I won t rest until I have read everything she s published and I will automatically 1 click in the future.

  2. Angeline Angeline says:

    5683 I m inlove with this story I love how Ridge and Micah s relationship developed This story made me smile and laugh I sometimes can see myself into Micah especially his personality It gave me special feels and it is heartwarming.PS TERRENCE IS THE BOMB

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    Great read

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    Belle histoire entre Micah et Ridge de l amiti l amourJ ai beaucoup aim ce livre voil toutPour ceux qui aiment le YA, ce livre est pour vous.

  5. Mel's Musings Mel's Musings says:

    This book I just cannot even begin to express how much I love this book Seriously You ve been warned, guys, there will be gushing Sorry, but I m really not sorry because this book is possibly the most beautiful and touching love story I ve ever read Ok, so you ve been warned and away we go.Falling From the Sky is a YA love story that just happens to involve two boys Told from the point of view of 16 year old, Ridge McCoy, the story grips you from the very first line and never lets go Ridge lost his father in a plane crash a year ago and his life has become a surreal sort of waking nightmare His mother can t stand to even look at him and his girlfriend is only his girlfriend because she can t be the girl who dumped the guy who just lost his dad in a plane crash So they sort of limp through the motions together, neither of them happy but both unwilling to make any sort of change Relief comes in the form of basketball camp for Ridge a summer away from the hell his home has become Micah Youngblood is a 16 year old local who Ridge meets at the mall where he works, running the carousel That first brief conversation between them is the beginning of so much than either of them bargained for.I absolutely loved getting to see the story unfold from Ridge s point of view Being in his head was absolutely heartbreaking at times But being there while he came back to himself and the land of the living was totally worth the heartbreak you feel for him The story is overflowing with emotion the strength of true friendship, the joys and terrors of new love, the overwhelming devastation that comes from loss and so much I love the characters, all of them they are real, complete with flaws and their own unique sets of baggage.The way Nikki Godwin captures the essence of this story is captivating Her writing is flawless and the book is simply impossible to put down I read it in one sitting The story broke my heart into tiny little pieces but then as it went on, it glued them all back together again This book was beautiful and poignant and I cannot put into words how much I think EVERYONE should read it so they can experience it, too.

  6. Yvonne @ The Shadow Realm Yvonne @ The Shadow Realm says:

    This was a beautifully written story about moving on, finding who you are, and learning to live life to its fullest.I have loved everything this author has written and this book was no exception It was such a beautiful and touching story I loved the characters, but if I m honest Ridge did get on my bad side a couple times This made him come across as real though He wasn t perfect, but no one is I think the author did a really great job of writing from the male perspective I m not a guy though so I can t really say with 100% certainty P But it all felt very believable And Micah I adored He was such a sweetheart The relationship between these two slowly built into something truly sweet and was another aspect that the author handled with realism and didn t try to fantasize Ridge struggles with his feelings for Micah but you can see him slowly bringing down the walls he has built up The story takes place over the course of a summer so there was no insta love I loved the carousel horses part of the story It was a great way for the two boys to get to know each other and to build their friendship The glimpses into Micah s life and his culture gave the story that bit extra dept too It had me engaged, wanting to learn about life on the reservation Everything about this book was just brilliant Nikki s writing is something that I truly adore She describes everything in such detail and clarity that they just leap off the page And I loved the little bit of a crossover with her sisters book that we got.If you are looking for a sweet, moving and flawlessly written book then you need to read Falling From the Sky I cannot recommend it enough This book is so much than a love story I actually chocked up when the book was over because it left me with such a strong feeling of satisfaction It was everything I wanted I will never be able to look at a carousel without picturing Micah and the crazy summer journey her brought Ridge on.I 5683 this book.

  7. Lenoreo @ Celebrity Readers Lenoreo @ Celebrity Readers says:

    3 stars I will admit I m a bit torn on this book I actually liked quite a bit of it, but I still felt like there was just something lackinglike it could have been so much better, you know And I keep going back and forth on some of the other things that bugged me Like they seriously bugged me, but there s a part of me that can see how characters especially 17 year old characters would behave in such a way.I ll start off by saying that I chose to move this book up in my queue to fulfill a diversity challenge theme for this month, focusing on Native American History Month And this is one of the first parts that both bugged me, but I could maybe see it Ridge our main hero, the only POV we read is kind of a dick and maybe a bit of a bigot about Native Americans Some of the comments he makes thoughts he has early in the book made me uncomfortable But then I kind of thought he s not praised or shown in a good light for thatso it kind of just shows the kind of prejudices that are pervasive in our society, especially about Native Americansthough while he s not shown in a good light, he s not smacked down for it either because it s in his head But how many people out there think the same things And we do get to see those things fall away, though it s never overt And overall, I thought that Micah, and his family, and the bit we saw of his made up tribe weren t negative Not being Native, I honestly can t tell you if they re positive, but they didn t feel negative to me And most of the Native characters were kind of awesome I really liked Micah, his sister, his nieces, his stories of his Nonna, his Poppa, even his cousins So yeah, torn on the representation of this particular diversity, since we never see inside Micah s head.And on a similar note with Ridge, this is a bit of a gay for you story, and he s a bit of a bigot about homosexuals toohe has some thoughts that made me uncomfortable here as well like his comparison to prison inmates being gay for the stay ick Part of me gets this, it s very realistic I think for many young adult males to be terrified of being gay, even if that makes me RIDICULOUSLY SAD So I m torn herehe made me want to smack him, but was he a realistic depiction I think I would have been happier here if SOMEONE would have freaking brought up bisexuality ANYWHERE in the freaking book Um, hello Like seriously That s why this lands in the irks me category, it doesn t get as much of a pass as the race stuff.And since I m getting things that bug me out of the way, there s the cheating crap might be minorly spoilery I hate cheating stuff I sort of get how confused Ridge was, both about his new feelings for Micah, and how he was just wanting to get away from all the things at home that had become status quo But grow some balls It shouldn t take the whole freaking summer to break upand she didn t need to be a mean girl in the end, like I m supposed to accept his behavior cheating with Micah because of that Nope.Well crap, I have complaintsso I just had to downgrade this from a 3.5 star to a 3 star Bummer Really, so many of them just revolve around Ridge s characterization So much of him just wasn t a very sympathetic characterhe fell a bit flat a lot of times He made decisions that made me not like him, I didn t really understand what he was really like And OK, one last one I wanted resolution with his family I felt like that was so weird that we didn t ever see them, and it was all very in the background So much of this book had a coming of age feel, but for it to truly be, I feel like we d need to see him with his family.OK, so things I liked And crap, even the things I liked are with caveats This was a bit of a slow burn romance, and I appreciated that it wasn t fast especially with all they were dealing with Sometimes it would jump around a bit fast, like Ridge would be horrified about a kiss, and then still sleeping over I think I think too much But I did really think they were cute together In general I really liked Micahhe was kind of an oddball, and I really did feel for him and what all he was dealing with He felt like a pretty authentic 17 year old gay guy in a smaller town I wasn t always happy with the way he pushed Ridge, but that could be just me.I did GENUINELY love that we got to see Ridge showing emotions, and feeling things, and crying So many times guys aren t allowed to cry, and that just sucks I really loved Zoey and her twinsI thought they added something to the story, and Abby and Jade amused me I could so picture their very different approaches to Ridge, right to the end I thought the little bit we saw of Tuck was cool, I really liked the painting thing While I was initially confused about the carousel horses thing, I was so happy with the fact that that was explained in the endand I appreciated the little things those adventures taught us about our heroes And I LOVED Terrance We needed Terrance He was pretty much the one character who was 100% awesome in this book, and I think he was underutilized.So yeah Reading all that, I really did have a lot to complain about eh Well crap I did enjoy myself Like I say, I just had reservations I m probably not properly expounding on the good parts of this story I m just conflicted, and it s always so much easier to talk about the things that didn t work than the things that did, you know So there you go My beautiful review You re welcome.

  8. C Lloyd C Lloyd says:

    I read this a long time ago but was reminded that I never left a review for it on , oops X Here goes The book is a young adult romance featuring two males Ridge McCoy is the narrator of the book, and he is still recovering from his dad s death after a plane crash His whole life seems to have fallen apart he goes to basketball camp during the summer just to get away from his family and girlfriend who would rather have nothing to do with him.He meets Micah Youngblood at the mall operating the merry go round, and he begrudgingly becomes friends with him after Micah promises to show him how the ten horses on the ride relate to his tribe Micah is such a sweet boy, and I absolutely dislike the blurbs given on and GoodReads about him I went into the book expecting to distrust Micah, but I was so captivated by him that I forgot about the reputation for devouring straight boys heterosexuality bit until almost the end of the book.Ridge falls for Micah and starts to feel like a person again like his dad s plane never crashed It is a sweet romance, bonding over video games and chocolate chip pancakes and time spent with Micah s family.There are plenty of conflicts present, such as Ridge struggling with the fact he is crazy about a guy when he has a girlfriend back home and Micah s family being worried about Micah getting his heart broken again, but the book is an easy read Terrence is Ridge s best friend and probably the perfect one he accepts Ridge s feelings for Micah long before Ridge himself does Terrence softens any concerns the reader might have about Ridge wrestling with sexuality There are not overwhelming emotional roller coasters just enough tension to keep the reader drawn into the story.I think if I ever needed to recommend someone their first YA book about two males in love, this would be it.

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    Falling From The Sky had been on my To Read list for a while When I saw the price had momentarily dropped to 0.99 I quickly downloaded it to my Kindle Within the first several chapters, I wasn t sure how I felt about it The writing was very good, but I wasn t sure if it was to my liking I also wasn t feeling as connected to the characters as I hoped I would, and I couldn t see how they would connect themselves But I kept reading and boy were my minor niggles tossed aside I think this is a book that the further you get into it, the enthralled you become, and I love this beautiful story that Nikki Godwin created.The blurb is pretty accurate except for one small thing Characterizing Micah as having a reputation for devouring straight boys heterosexuality for breakfast, alongside his chocolate chip pancakes implies someone who is aloof, uncaring, a little promiscuous, and potentially manipulative I love these kinds of characters in the right context, but in no way did Micah behave this way He was sweet and excitable he loved zombies, video games, and jumping off of bridges and he had a deep connection to his tribe He had demons in his closet, but he didn t let them overburden his approach to life His passion and enthusiasm added such an endearing charm to this book.Ridge sounds like your typical confused straight boy common to many m m romances, but there is so much to his characters He lost his Dad in a plane crash and his mom and younger brother, in dealing with their own trauma through the loss, have been less than helpful in aiding Ridge through it On top of that, he is in a fizzling relationship with his popular girlfriend who won t break up with him because she doesn t want to be the b who dumped the boy who lost his dad He spends his summer at a basketball camp, something he loves, and meets Micah at the local mall From there their relationship takes off as Micah offers to explain the histories of ten different horses on the carousel he operates.It was so fun to watch Micah and Ridge s relationship bloom even though it deviated from the usual m m romance path The boys hung out a lot, slowly getting to know one another and revealing each other s secrets The story is told in third person from Ridge s point of view, so we see early on that he is starting to feel attracted to Ridge, although he isn t quite sure what that means regarding his sexuality Through Ridge s eyes we also see Micah starting to develop feelings, and as their friendship strengthens, Micah becomes confident in showing his affection for Ridge There are no explicit sex scenes, but these pages are filled with enough stolen kisses, hand holding in the dark, and other secret yet public PDA to make any hopeless romantic heart swoon But at the same time that my heart was melting, my brain was screaming at Ridge, yelling at him to stop holding back and give himself to Micah completely But I loved the unrequited love It added depth and realism to the story, as well as poignant points of tension and reasons for change The ending was great, and I m hoping for a sequel.Falling From The Sky is primarily the story of two young boys finding love and finding each other There were ups and downs, heart melting moments, and a beautiful back story to complement the plot Ridge and Micah were amazing main characters, and the supporting cast was just as enjoyable Despite my initial hesitation, I m so glad I stuck with this book until the very end If you love YA m m books or want a unique m m story, I wholeheartedly suggest checking this one out.Highly recommend.

  10. Camelle Camelle says:

    This review is originally posted on my blog about my book review, it is my first time to read an LGBT kind of book and I want to be really honest with this one because it s my first try So here reading this book at first was okay with me I meant it was normal so I go on and as I turn the pages, I noticed the change of the story and I kind of weird ed out. I m not sure how to react at first so my first word was WHAT But I still continued reading and what I liked about this book is that it is an easy read, it is romantic and cool I like their story and I seriously love it, I was thinking if that kind of story happened in real world, I was trying to relate two different worlds LOL Reading this kind of book has a different feeling in me but it is not a bad feeling you know it is good and weird and I don t know how to react kind of way.For me, Chapter 10 was the part where everything gets so interesting to me It is where I had that different feeling and I seriously tweeted Nikki about that part I can t believe I did and I fangirled like a crazy kid.Anyway, chapter 10 changed everything and that part is the reason why I loved it and why I want to pursue reading the e book I have no regrets on accepting this LGBT book for a review AND hopefully there is a part two because I want to know about their story if Ridge the basketball guy will make his way back to Micah the carousel guy.Ridge, is the straight guy here, seventeen years old and a basketball player who joined the camp and in the mall is where he met Micah, the carousel guy now I wonder if the author mentioned his age, I think not Their story is extra ordinary and sweet I seriously get caught with their romantic moments and they had a little misunderstandings which made me sad too It was really lovely and gave me goosebumps because it is good and I started recommending this book to my friends Another thing that I noticed was that the band from Emily Godwin s book was in here the Mutilated Arteries the band with the weird names That s what I love about Nikki s writing, she can insert the bands from the different books without being out of place like it was really part of the book since you opened and decided to read it Lastly, I noticed that Falling From The Sky was mentioned so many times and it was like redundant, but it was okay just that ocd problems But all in all, the book itself is really interesting I will never get tired of reading it but please BOOK TWO

  11. Amber Hodges Amber Hodges says:

    This is the story of Ridge McCoy He has to go through the pain on not only losing his dad, he lost the rest of the family in the process He just seems to be floating by in life, just doing enough to get him to the next day As he goes to basketball camp for the summer, the last thing he expects is to find a way to make himself feel whole again But as the summer goes on, he knows exactly where he wants to be.This book, wow I have a love for all of Nikki s work, but this one is definitely amazing Every one of her books I have gotten a good meaning from, but the biggest one in this book I got is to be yourself I know a lot of people hear that, but this book goes into good detail It shows that no matter who you are, who you love, or what you do in your life, you will always find someone to love you back Things don t always go as planned, but you don t need to give up, because there is always a way to get your life back on track Even when you have something planned out for how you want your life in order to be happy, there is always something unexpected that will come along There are times when you need things that you really don t know you needed until they are right in front of you.You follow Ridge through the story You see all his ups and downs I like that it is written in his point of view because you get to watch how his feelings change through the story You get to watch him go from an empty shell of a person to someone with life within them once again It is such a refreshing thing to read.Then there is Micah I lived in Clovis, New Mexico for 2 years Out there, there are a lot of Indian reservations, so I was able to see quite a bit how they lived out there The fact that Micah was Indian sucked me in even I was able to picture things the way I already saw it from the time I lived out West Then I got to add his personality to the mix of it He is such a wonderful caring character He would do anything for most people, in fact he pretty much does this throughout most of the novel He was there for anyone that came along I do have to say, I am mad at Micah though He mentioned chocolate chip pancakes and now I won t be able to stop until I get some of my own I guess there could be worse things to be mad at him for This book spends most of its time in 3 different places The reservation Micah s house , basketball camp, and the mall I know this sounds pretty weird and in no way look like they would go together, but they definitely do It all works out, I promise you this.One thing I love about Nikki, as well as her sister Emily, is they tie parts of each book into their stories There is Sebastian s Shadow that is mentioned in all of the books so far, a band very important to both of the sisters There is also Mutilated Arteries, a band that is in Emily s book I loved that as I read through the story I could pull out the different ties to the other stories It made me happy that I read the other books so I could actually get that within the story It makes me now want to run and re read all of the books again Which I have a feeling I will be doing again very soon.This is also a LGBT book I am a supporter of this community and love to find new books that breach on the subject Some books tend to overdo this part of the book though They think they have to throw it into your face to where it is overwhelming Most people that are a part of the LGBT have normal relationships just like everyone else They have ups and downs and go through spans of confusion and questions of the heart We are all like this, no matter who you love This book follows progression throughout a story and helps you see how people can change and be together and not have it thrown at you This is definitely the best LGBT book out there that I have read I think if anything likes to read books on that subject or likes to help promote the community, this is the book for you.I have been trying hard to put what I want to say out there for this book, but it has proven to be very hard I don t want to ruin or spoil anything for anyone that decides to give this book a shot I will just simply state that this book is beautifully written with such a wonderful message put into between the words Anyone can read this and walk away with such a different outlook on life.

  12. Jessypt Jessypt says:

    This is a beautiful M M story about love and healing, and Nikki Godwin executed it flawlessly.After losing his father in a plane crash, Ridge McCoy is barely a shell of who he used to be He lives with his basically non existent mother, his ill brother, and a girlfriend who won t break up with him because she doesn t want to be the girl who broke up with the boy who s father died.At the end of his junior year, Ridge heads to a small town about an hour and a half away to attend a basketball camp Enter Micah Youngblood, the Native American boy who works at the carousel in the mall.Micah lives on the reservation in town and is the grandson of the chief His mother is distant, but in her place his grandmother now deceased and his sister, Zoey and her two kids, fill the gap The thing is, he s got relationship baggage of his own, and isn t fully alive either except you d never know that because Micah has the warmest heart of any teenage boy I ve ever seen Caring and kind, he draws Micah in and awakens all sorts of feelings he never expected.He and Ridge embark on a whirlwind summer filled with new experiences that involve jumping off bridges, a bunch of carousel horses, fireworks, and all sorts of goodness Along with that comes a growing attraction to each other that terrifies non gay Ridge and leaves Micah just as scared that he ll be left alone, yet again, at the end of the summer.This is a rich, slow burning love story It s PG, which I loved, and captures so much of the innocence and excitement of teenage love It s beautifully written, with amazing imagery, well developed characters, and a pace that feels just right.Read, read, read So good.

  13. D. Clark D. Clark says:

    I usually steer well clear of YA books since teenagers are, let s face it, really insipid in most YA lit, but this one I truly enjoyed I liked that the main character, who has never had feelings for a male before, gives his new feelings a chance instead of just ignoring them or turning them into something hateful I love that he has a supportive friend who listens to him instead of being a homophobic jerk I like that both boys have pretty big issues going on in their lives but are not defined by them And I love that there s a hopeful ending There truly is nothing about this book NOT to love.

  14. J.C. Lillis J.C. Lillis says:

    One summer Two boys Ten carousel horses.Oh, the feels.This is one of the sweetest, most distinctive m m romances I ve read in many moons I recommend this gentle first love story to all m m and YA fans looking for something pleasingly different.Falling from the Sky hinges on a creative concept Away at basketball camp for the summer, 16 year old Ridge meets Micah, a Native American boy his age who runs the carousel at the local mall Micah tells him the 10 carousel horses each have a special connection to him and his tribe, and he offers to reveal all the backstories to Ridge in a series of summer outings Ridge accepts, reluctantly He plays it off like he has nothing better to do, but he s clearly intrigued by this confident, super friendly guy who talks too damn much and needs a haircut worse that I do The ten horse plan is an ingenious way to stir up sparks and ramp up tension It gives the developing romance a built in countdown What happens when the boys run out of horses and summer A happy ending doesn t seem like a foregone conclusion Ridge has always identified as straight, and he wraps his growing feelings for Micah in reams of denials and justifications as they go on their horse dates and bond over Xbox Zombie Sanctuary 3.Godwin s a master of slow burn romance The boys back into awkward friendship at first, which evolves into an I want Micah to want me situation that intrigues Ridge as much as it unnerves him Soon he finds himself stalking his phone for Micah s next text, getting pinpricks of jealousy when other guys are around his new friend It gets to the point where you just feel that first kiss about to happen but Ridge is such a tangle of emotion that you don t have the slightest idea how he ll react, and that s both exciting and gut wrenching.That tension drives the book s first half, but Godwin s got up her sleeve than a cat and mouse tease FFTS is a fully developed romance between two teen boys who both challenge and complement each other They open up about things that matter They push each other out of their respective comfort zones Neither is perfect Ridge is testy and full of typical teen boy insecurities, Micah sometimes has trouble with boundaries but their relatable flaws are what made me buy them as characters and root for their relationship.To Godwin s credit, she s interested in exploring the specifics of that relationship than the implications of straight Ridge loving a guy I know that might seem like a controversial approach, but Ridge s story arc is less about deciding how to label himself and about opening himself to love in an unexpected guise I love a good coming out book, but I found FFTS s approach refreshing That s not to say things are glossed over there s candor and depth to Ridge s narration, but because it s delivered with Godwin s wry humor and light, assured touch, this never feels like a heavy issue novel.This isn t the book to pick up if you re looking for hot and heavy sex hasn t really entered the equation for these two yet, though you know it ll be great when it happens But don t let that dissuade you this is a seriously sweet, thoughtful, and romantic book, with scenes you ll be thinking about with a smile weeks later.