A funny and pertinent book about being lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer, transgender or just curious for everybody, no matter their gender or sexualityFormer PSHCE teacher and acclaimed YA author Juno Dawson gives an uncensored look at what its like to grow up as LGBT Including testimonials from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, this frank, funny, fully inclusive book explores everything anyone who ever dared to wonder wants to know from sex to politics, how to pull, stereotypes, how to come out and Spike Gerrells hilarious illustrations combined with funny and factual text make this a must read Pare un elenco di botta e risposta senza particolari approfondimenti e racconti esperienziali le stesse info si possono trovare, molto pi estese, cercando su wiki o internet Inoltre il costo decisamente maggiore al suo valore.Un elenco di info con miniparagrafi e senza un reale filo conduttore a parte parliamo di questo decisamente fuori luogo, posto cos. This book is amazing, nothing bad to say, it is very interesting for me that I m not into the LGBT community to read about their struggles and emphatize The problem was the deliver, because it arrived three days before, when my mom was home, she found the book and opened in the pages where it talks about sex Of course she started thinking things that only God knows, and we kinda had a debate because she s bigoted, but we can all agree that it wouldn t happened if the deliver was on time, or at least I was notified. This book was okay and provides a very simple overview of LGBT The reason why I gave one star is because I felt the section on religions was extremely inaccurate The book suggests being LGBT and Christian is a breeze, very inaccurate and portrays LGBT issues as non existent which I felt doesn t reflect accurate experience The writer obviously isn t religious, which isn t a problem, but they should have conducted accurate research into all areas