In this book, we will attempt to give you a foundation on bullying and how it pertains to todays way of life We will also talk to you about ways as a parent that you can change your ways of thinking and how not to pass what we have learned as children onto our childrenBullying is a huge problem in todays society that just seems to be getting worse and worse Back in the early s people used to worry about survival and how to get through the day In todays society, it is a matter of what can I get for myself and what can I take from you As a result, the act of bullying has taken on a mind of its own We all need to learn to live together in society We need to reevaluate our core values and take a hard look at ourselves as a society Why do we bully other people Why is it when we see others being bullied we either turn the other way or worse yet we join in It is the hopes of this book to be a handbook or guide to understanding bullying and how to act when we are presented with different situations As adults, we need to set an example for our children and in turn our children will pass on the messages that they learn onto the next generation of society It needs to stop here before it escalates into something that cant be stopped at all Take my words to heart and follow by example Stop bullying and the world will change for the better


  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    This is an interesting, compassionate book However it gives examples of bullying than it does really useful ways to combat bullies Reading through the examples I began to feel restless There are ways to bully than there are ways to combat it I hope there is a book somewhere to help children and young people learn to feel confident in themselves so that not only are there suggestions as to how to stop the harassment The responses suggested to the victims to deal with their tormentors are not all that useful in dealing with a determined bully As a teacher, there is only so much that can be done within discipline guidelines, and then only if you see it Even when dealing with these problems teachers have to be careful, because handled without care, it can make it worse for the victim after school.I was hoping for something new.