This book is an in depth exploration of ExpressJS, which is a Node framework Its discussion is based on the various modules which the framework provides to its users for the purpose of development The first part of this book is an overview of the framework so as to help the user gain some knowledge of what the framework is The session property in Express is explored in this book, so you will know how to use it The serve index module for Express is also examined in the book Cookie sessions which are very important in web applications are discussed with no detail left out Examples have been provided for each of the modules discussed in this book, thus, you will be able to create complex and amazing programs on your own The module response time is covered in detail, and you will learn to make use of it The connect render module and Body parser are also discussed The following topics are examined in this book Overview of ExpressJS Session serve index cookie Sessions Morgan in ExpressJS CORS Express Paginate Multer Compression csurf body parser Flash serve favicon response time express namespace express expose connect render

2 thoughts on “Express.js: Guide Book on Web framework for Node.js (English Edition)

  1. Jeff From Cali Jeff From Cali says:

    That s ESPECIALLY true if you are a beginner who wants or needs to know about Node.js and leveraging it with the Express web app framework with it Check out what reviewers said about Rick L s other books Like those, this one consists of collection of isolated, typo laden code snippets accompanied by terse and confusing explanations.

  2. Gabriel Wentz Gabriel Wentz says:

    I love how this book provides information and at the same time example commands in Express At least you ll know that you re on the same page than just assuming that you are For beginners, this is also the best book to study ExpressJS.