prologue CARL SAGAN SAID that if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe When he says from scratch, he means from nothing He means from a time before the world even existed If you want to make an apple pie from nothing at all, you have to start with the Big Bang and expanding universes, neutrons, ions, atoms, black holes, suns, moons, ocean tides, the Milky Way, Earth, evolution, dinosaurs, extinction level events, platypuses, Homo erectus, Cro Magnon man, etc You have to start at the beginning You must invent fire You need water and fertile soil and seeds You need cows and people to milk them andpeople to churn that milk into butter You need wheat and sugar cane and apple trees You need chemistry and biology For a really good apple pie, you need the arts For an apple pie that can last for generations, you need the printing press and the Industrial Revolution and maybe even a poem To make a thing as simple as an apple pie, you have to create the whole wide world daniel Local Teen Accepts Destiny, Agrees to Become Doctor, Stereotype Its Charlies fault that my summer and now fall has been one absurd headline after another Charles Jae Won Bae, aka Charlie, my older brother, firstborn son of a firstborn son, surprised my parents and all their friends, and the entire gossiping Korean community of Flushing, New York by getting kicked out of Harvard University Best School, my mother said, when his acceptance letter arrived Now hes been kicked out of Best School, and all summer my mom frowns and doesnt quite believe and doesnt quite understand Why you grades so bad They kick you out Why they kick you out Why not make you stay and study My dad says, Not kick out Require to withdraw Not the same as kick outCharlie grumbles Its just temporary, only for two semesters Under this unholy barrage of my parents confusion and shame and disappointment, even I almost feel bad for Charlie Almost natasha MY MOM SAYS ITS TIME for me to give up now, and that what Im doing is futile Shes upset, so her accent is thicker than usual, and every statement is a question You no think is time for you to give up now, Tasha You no think that what you doing is futile She draws out the first syllable of futile for a second too long My dad doesnt say anything Hes mute with anger or impotence Im never sure which His frown is so deep and so complete that its hard to imagine his face with another expression If this were even just a few months ago, Id be sad to see him like this, but now I dont really care Hes the reason were all in this mess Peter, my nine year old brother, is the only one of us happy with this turn of events Right now, hes packing his suitcase and playing No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley Old school packing music, he called it Despite the fact that he was born here in America, Peter says he wants to live in Jamaica Hes always been pretty shy and has a hard time making friends I think he imagines that Jamaica will be a paradise and that, somehow, things will be better for him there The four of us are in the living room of our one bedroom apartment The living room doubles as a bedroom, and Peter and I share it It has two small sofa beds that we pull out at night, and a bright blue curtain down the middle for privacy Right now the curtain is pulled aside so you can see both our halves at once Its pretty easy to guess which one of us wants to leave and which wants to stay My side still looks lived in My books are on my small IKEA shelf My favorite picture of me and my best friend, Bev, is still sitting on my desk Were wearing safety goggles and sexy pouting at the camera in physics lab The safety goggles were my idea The sexy pouting was hers I havent removed a single item of clothing from my dresser I havent even taken down my NASA star map poster Its hugeactually eight posters that I taped togetherand shows all the major stars, constellations, and sections of the Milky Way visible from the Northern Hemisphere It even has instructions on how to find Polaris and navigate your way by stars in case you get lost The poster tubes I bought for packing it are leaning unopened against the wall On Peters side, virtually all the surfaces are bare, most of his possessions already packed away into boxes and suitcases My mom is right, of coursewhat Im doing is futile Still, I grab my headphones, my physics textbook, and some comics If I have time to kill, maybe I can finish up my homework and read Peter shakes his head at me Why are you bringing that he asks, meaning the textbook Were leaving, Tasha You dont have to turn in homework Peter has just discovered the power of sarcasm He uses it every chance he gets I dont bother responding to him, just put my headphones on and head for the door Back soon, I say to my mom She kisses her teeth and turns away I remind myself that shes not upset with me Tasha, is not you me upset with, you knowis something she says a lot these days Im going to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS building in downtown Manhattan to see if someone there can help me We are undocumented immigrants, and were being deported tonight Today is my last chance to try to convince someoneor fateto help me find a way to stay in America To be clear I dont believe in fate But Im desperateAnexhilarating, hopefulnovel exploring identity, family, the love of science and the science of love, dark matter and interconnectedness is about seeing and being seen and the possibility of love and it shines Shelf Awareness,starred review Moving andsuspensefulPublishers Weekly,starred review Lyrical and sweeping,full of hope, heartbreak, fate and the universal beating of the human heartBooklist, starred review Fresh and compelling TheHorn Book, starred review With appeal to cynics and romantics alike, this profound exploration of life and love tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope in a way that is both deeply moving and satisfying Kirkus, starred reviewA love story that is smart without being cynical, heartwarming without being cloying, and schmaltzy in all the best ways TheBulletin, starred review This wistful love storywill be adoredby fans of Rainbow RowellsEleanor ParkJPraise forEverything, Everything A fresh,movingdebut Entertainment WeeklyGorgeousandlyrical The New York Times Book ReviewWill give you butterflies SeventeenAdo not missfor fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell aka everyone JustineYA book lovers,your newest obsessionis hereV

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