The ABCs of LGBT is making it easier to understand our identities With humor, fun discussion, and adorable infographics, no other book provides such a comprehensive read on terms and phrases in the queer and trans communityd Everyone Is Gay says, I have worked with LGBTQIA people and their friends and family for nearly a decade, and I have never seen a resource that pays such meticulous and thorough attention to the many nuances of sexuality and gender identity Ashley Mardell s The ABC s of LGBT serves as a powerful tool for those that might be questioning their own identity, as well as for those seeking a deeper knowledge of the many, varied identities that exist in relation to our attractions, desires, and personal understandings of selfAshley celebrates the wonderful, evolving language of sexuality and gender By showcasing personal narratives and providing explanations that are fun, engaging, and accessible for every kind of reader, The ABCs of LGBT provides a way for all of us to think about our unique experience and gives us just the help we need to communicate it to others Carlos Bermudez, Manager of Online Programming and Community Development at Gender SpectrumAshley Mardell, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, blogs about her daily life on her YouTube channel As a result of her kind heart and glowing spirit, Mardell has developed a strong bond with her viewers She s trusted, loved and admired for her voice in the LGBTQIA community Her insight and honest approach to LGBTQIA education has helped millions of kids and adults understand who they are