Now that life has finally given her everything shes ever wanted, Mattie Lowe has one thing on her mind Prom Determined to throw the most epic prom ever, Mattie sets out to plan a memorable and magical eventone that would make the late John Hughes proudBut when her gorgeous and perfect boyfriend, Jake Kingston hasnt popped the most creative promposal of all time, Mattie starts to worry Actually, Jake hasnt asked her at allhes been distant and quiet And Mattie isnt about to go to her senior prom solo Suddenly, it seems that everything is stacked against her and falling apart quickly With rivals vowing to sabotage her event and her boyfriends odd behavior, Matties convinced the night is headed toward ruin Will the snarky, purple haired manga artist lead her class to an unforgettable night of fun and frolic or will she go down in high school history as the worst president to run the school