Learn Visual Block Programming with the new Scratch 3 platform Master algorithms and create amazing projects with the most powerful coding language for kidsEngaging, step by step guide for young coding learners to build your own games and animation with Scratch.What s in this book Introduction to the Scratch InterfaceHow to create a very simple game in 1 hourAll building element types and categories explainedEach and every block description, to fully understand what they do.The stage grid systemFull explanation on how the Paint Editor worksDozen of examples of popular games to learn how to master your coding skills I bought this book because I have to learn how to use Scratch for a class It s a bit frustrating that everything is geared towards kids, but I suppose that this is a necessary thing with this application It took me about 4 hours to work through every page of this book, including all examples, creating my own little extension of what is taught, and refining it The author gives links to some of their favorite examples a couple of which need to be updated I love that you can go inside all of the projects developed by the community and that you can see, copy and or modify and most importantly, learn from the other developers Worth the cost and the time invested The short book has fun projects which reveal interesting concepts such as Google Translate and AI. Bought this to help with writing out and planning lessons for primary and secondary kids The book is clearly written and put together, covering all the essentials Well worth getting a copy.