ANew York Timesbestseller Optioned for film by the producers of Jenny Hans TO ALL THE BOYS IVE LOVED BEFOREMost anticipated novel ofBoston Globe, Book Riot, Bustle, Nerd Daily, Seventeen, She ReadsPraisedas an intense rush of rebellion and romance by New York Timesbestselling author Stephanie Garber, this romantic and layered Own Voices debut from Abigail Hing Wen is a roller coaster ride of romance and self discovery Kirkus Our cousins have done this program, Sophie whispers Best kept secretZerosupervisionAnd just like that, Ever Wongs summer takes an unexpected turnGone isChien Tan, the strict educational program in Taiwan that Ever was expecting In its place, she finds Loveboat a summer long free for all where hookups abound, adults turn a blind eye, snake blood sake flows abundantly, and the nightlife runs nonstopBut not every student is quite what they seem Everis working toward becoming a doctor but nurses a secret passionfor danceRick Woois the Yale bound child prodigy bane of Evers existence whose perfection hides a secretBoy crazy, fashion obsessedSophie Haturns out to have to her than meets the eyeAnd under sexyXavier Yehs shell is buried a shameful truth hell never admitWhen these students lives collide, its guaranteed to be a summer Ever will never forgetA unique story from an exciting and authentic new voice Sabaa Tahir, New York Timesbestselling author ofAn Ember in the AshesEqual parts surprising, original, and intelligent An intense rush of rebellion and romance Stephanie Garber, New York Timesbestselling author ofCaravalFresh as a first kiss Stacey Lee, award winning author ofOutrun the MoonFresh, fun, heartfelt, and totally addictive, a story about finding your placeand your peoplewhere you least expectedKelly Loy Gilbert, author of the William C Morris Award finalistConviction

15 thoughts on “Loveboat, Taipei (English Edition)

  1. Pinky10 Pinky10 says:

    YA romance novel that s a good read Can t wait to read of Abigail s work in the future.

  2. Orangebang Orangebang says:

    I went in 96 Till this day, best summer of my life This book triggered some memories I had forgotten this was before social media and not everyone had cell phones or email, so it was difficult to keep in touch with people , and what it did was rekindle some conversations with friends I hadn t talked to in decades The story starts off a little slow, but necessary for character development But once she gets to Taipei, the ball starts rolling and it doesn t stop I forced myself to only get through 1 2 chapters a day, but a friend of mine bought it on my recommendation and got through it in less than a weekend We literally devoured it Kudos to the writer I felt like she was writing about someone I knew on the trip, each character could have passed for someone I was friends with, or someone that I had met The counselors, side characters, etc Regardless if you had gone to Love Boat or not, it is a very nice coming of age book, it comes from a character that grew up with a Tiger mom The generational and cultural divide that children of immigrants all live through.

  3. N. A. Nelson N. A. Nelson says:

    I read this book in one sitting and it s 414 pages so that s saying something I totally got lost in the world the author created and was sad when it ended.Loveboat is like summer camp and boarding school combined and if you can imagine all the shenanigans that go on between those two things, then you can see why I kept flipping pages but the book is so much than that For those of us not raised in an Asian household, we get a sneak peek into the pressures, expectations, and sacrifices that are made within these familiesall done through love, but oh boy It makes for rich family dynamics that Hing Wen makes specific to the characters but you can imagine it playing out behind the closed doors of many houses.I adored the characters SO much I only wish I would have been able to see the drawings that one character draws can t say who b c that would ruin it because they sounded absolutely beautiful I would love to see this as a movie and the author mentioned Hollywood in the acknowledgements, so I m hoping that happens.Highly recommend

  4. Doc Mom Doc Mom says:

    This was such a great read, and I had to ration it so I wouldn t finish it in one sitting The character development and plotline were excellent I kept wanting to know what happened next with Ever on her journey It was fun to read, but I think also so important to hear the voice of someone living between with two cultures and trying her best to follow her passion and what she felt was the right thing by her parents and their experience While Ever s is an Asian American experience, I think it is something that resonates to any immigrant and the process of coming to one s own identity is universal for teens I felt this story was so unique to what I had read and been exposed to as a kid and teen in the 80 90s While Ever does not agree with her parents, she respects themnd the values they instilled in her are clearly part of her decision making Many of the storylines of my childhood had protaganists who were praised and exalted for their independence and rebellion from their parents The resolution was that their parents came around a better understanding of them or what really made me envious were the families where parents supported everything they did In those kind of stories, it would be looked down upon to disagree with one s parents and then bend to their wishes.This storyline recognizes the complexity of these forces and comes to a very nuanced resolution It is not a simple resolution or a feel good surprise ending as I almost expected This kind of family dynamic is something I m glad to see published and make it to the NY Times bestseller list The author really made the Taiwan experience come alive with her descriptions of the food, the scenery and the activities and the trips the kids took I also felt like she really made dance, performance and even kungfu come off the page Her writing is beautiful and I felt like I was there This is a great book for adults, even though it s marketed as young adult

  5. BakenRoast BakenRoast says:

    An amazing debut novel that encapsulates the variety of Asian American experiences and the connections and draws to the home country and culture Relatable to everyone regardless of race as the author explores Ever s journey of growing and learning about who she really is The descriptions of Taiwan make me miss my parent s home country and some of the antics of the kids in the book will shock and surprise many.

  6. Josie C. Josie C. says:

    The next best thing to visiting Taipei From start to finish, the author sweeps you into an incredible whirlwind of beautiful and crazy experiences that are grounded in the beauty of Taipei and the Asian American experience If you have not read this book yet, go out and get it today and settle in for a fun weekend that will keep you laughing, crying, longing for delicious Chinese food, and smiling long after you have finished the book and recommended it to all of your friends

  7. julia stephens julia stephens says:

    Loveboat, Taipei made me laugh out loud, grin like a fool and ugly cry It s got a spot on my favorite books of all time shelf I moved to the United States when I was a young teenager, leaving behind family and friends.This book made me think about my parents sacrifices and my own sacrifices, to be here.I can relate to this book on so many levels.The relationship between Ever and her parents reminds me a lot of my own relationship with my parentsI criedI didn t think I would cry, but I did.I love this book so much.If you love the Disney movie Mulan you will love this book It s about family honor.The romance in this book is so so good.I totally recommend this book.

  8. Barb H. Barb H. says:

    We all love this book We think it is incredibly described and well written It also gave you the feelings not to let down the book once you started reading it An urgency to complete reading it in one sitting Even though this book is categorized as a Youth Novel, we believe, it is for all ages Everyone will enjoy reading a book so well written the characters so vividly described that made the readers able to relate to their feelings thoughts emotions We are so impressed and proud of the author s skills in writing Can t wait to get stories like this one.Best of luck to this book, LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI We heard it will be made into a movie Can t wait Best.Barb Cammy

  9. MovieLoverinNYC MovieLoverinNYC says:

    Attended a similar program during college and this book brought me back to all the drama, the highs lows of what it s like to visit the mother country of your parents and the people who look like you but don t sound like you A great contribution to YA and adult fiction with a story that so many relate to i found myself rooting for Ever Wong with every scene.

  10. E. Guilmette E. Guilmette says:

    I am so glad I decided to purchase this book It shows that the coming of age can be a challenge for all young adults Especially when you are from two distinctly different cultures Me Wen brought this book to life I felt as though I were were there with the characters I took forward to books b this talented author.

  11. scheye1 scheye1 says:

    If you re into lots of subplots that all get wrapped up at the end, this is for you It was a satisfying read, and I loved the main character s voice My book club picked this to read, so it wasn t something I personally chose off a bookshelf, but I m glad we read it.

  12. Amani Salahudeen Amani Salahudeen says:

    I adore Ever s character and I feel like it would be really fun to see this as an Asian drama one day I know it s currently going to be adapted for the big screen though.

  13. Becca Wagner Becca Wagner says:

    This book was incredible From the moment I began reading it, I was hooked by Ever s character Everyone was so fleshed out and developed The author does a fantastic job of keeping you guessing about who Ever is going to end up with I wanted her with someone different constantly This book is worth a buy.

  14. Dun-Ying Yu Dun-Ying Yu says:

    Loved that this book captures so much of the Asian American experience, growing up in a non dominant culture, and the realities of navigating cultural and generational divides within a family Plus, love that it s centred on Loveboat, a quintessential element of Taiwanese American cultural capital.

  15. Kalie Kalie says:

    This book is amazing It has everything romance, complicated relationships with parents, interesting friendships, following a passion vs dealing with expectations put upon them, racial stereotypes, and I cannot wait to read what Abigail Hing Wen writes next I will be buying it immediately