Exam Board Edexcel, AQA, and OCR GatewayLevel GCSE GradeSubject Computer ScienceFirst Teaching September , First Exams June Suitable for theexamsLetts Revision improves exam confidenceMatched to the requirements of the National Curriculum, this combined revision guide and exam practice workbook prepares students for their GCSE Computer Science exam with confidence The variety of activity types ensures every student stays motivated throughout their revision to help them achieve the best results in their exams Lively magazine style layout communicates all the essential information in an accessible way Plenty of practice questions reinforce understanding and improve performance Hands on activities for every topic provide a varied revision approach Free audio tracks talk learners through all the key points Download from collins lettsGCSErevisionIncludes complete GCSE Computer Science practice test papers Revision Guides Simple and concise explanations of every topic are explored through different activity typesWorkbooks A mixture of question styles help children can get closer to a real test experiencePractice Test Papers Test style questions test understanding and improve performance