If God were throwing a party, would everyone be invited Or does God invite some and not others And if so, how does God decide Is it what you say Is it what you do Is it what youre going to do Is it who your friends are Or what your friends do Or what religion you happened to be born into Or where you live, or what you look like, or what you believe What if the idea of heaven and hell that we have been taught is not, in fact, what the Bible teaches What if Jesus meant something very different by the concepts of heaven, hell, and salvation from how weve come to understand them And what if the answer to lifes meaning is much better than we ever imagined In his teen edition of the bestselling book love wins, Rob Bell tackles all these questions in a way that addresses the real challenges of growing up in todays world This is not just a book of questions and this is not just a book of answersThis is a book of explorationThis is a book of discoveryThis is a book about why love wins

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