Dissecting the Hack The Vrbtn Network ventures further into cutting edge techniques and methods than its predecessor, Dissecting the Hack The Frbddn Network It forgoes the basics and delves straight into the action, as our heroes are chased around the world in a global race against the clock The danger they face will forever reshape their lives and the price they pay for their actions will not only affect themselves, but could possibly shake the foundations of an entire nation The book is divided into two parts The first part, entitled The Vrbtn Network, continues the fictional story of Bob and Leon, two hackers caught up in an adventure in which they learn the deadly consequence of digital actions The second part, Security Threats Are Real STAR , focuses on these real world lessons and advanced techniques, as used by characters in the story This gives the reader not only textbook knowledge, but real world context around how cyber attacks may manifest The Vrbtn Network can be read as a stand alone story or as an illustration of the issues described in STAR Scattered throughout The Vrbtn Network are Easter eggs references, hints, phrases, and that will lead readers to insights into hacker culture Drawing on The Vrbtn Network, STAR explains the various aspects of reconnaissance the scanning phase of an attack the attacker s search for network weaknesses and vulnerabilities to exploit the various angles of attack used by the characters in the story basic methods of erasing information and obscuring an attacker s presence on a computer system and the underlying hacking culture

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  1. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    Before you read either book, it should be understood beforehand that these books shouldn t be judged in comparison to regular fiction Dissecting the Hack is of a textbook on basic pen testing methodology and terminology, made interesting through spinning it with a story arc The plot isn t deep, and the characters don t have much depth, but not much can be expected when the story takes up about a hundred pages.I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the previous one The story is even thinner, and some characters are introduced but add little than an extra name to keep track of Moreover, there wasn t as much technical ground being covered in this book Pavel s arc in the first book was the real source for technical information unfortunately, this book has no comparable character It ultimately seemed like Street spread both the story and the tech too thin.For the price this book is selling at right now, it s not worth it That being said, I highly recommend the first book.

  2. Francis J Trezza Francis J Trezza says:

    This guy is one hell of a writer Love this book.