This work provides entrepreneurs with building blocks to help their companies sustain high performance, play a leadership role in their industries, and remain successful for generations Readers will discover the five key elements involved in guiding a company to lasting success, a blueprint for managing a thriving company, and plenty of real world examples

5 thoughts on “Beyond Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Business Into an Enduring Great Company

  1. Philip T King Philip T King says:

    easy to read and allows deep understanding

  2. O O says:


  3. Brett Brett says:

    Like his later books, same conclusions, less science getting there Reads like an aspirational text, than a science based one.

  4. Berhane.Y Berhane.Y says:

    This is a very good book, a sort of step by step guide for every entrepreneur Strong on the subject of vision,strategy and tactics and on how they are related.It is also a practical book,with real world example they use simple and plain language.It is also entertaining, I enjoy reading it.

  5. Antonio H Antonio H says:

    Dice siempre Reed Hastings que este es uno de los pocos libros que l recomienda y que lo lee todos los a os No es de los m s famosos del autor, tal vez porque no se centra tanto en empresas consolidadas sus grandes estudios sino en emprendedores, pero como todos los de Collins no puede faltar entre quien quiera aprender sobre estrategia empresarial