This best selling undergraduate textbook from leading academics Kirsty Horsey Erika Rackley gives a comprehensive grounding in tort law and carefully chosen learning features help students to become engaged and critical thinkers This lively and thought provoking account allows students to understand rather than simply learn the law The problem questions in each chapter help students to understand how the law works in its practical context and to begin to consider potential issues and debates Carefully chosen features such as counterpoint and pause for reflection boxes enable students to think deeply and critically about the law Online resources The text is accompanied by extensive online resources, which include Downloadable annotated judgments, statutes, and problem questions Outline answers to questions in the book Annotated web links to external web resources and videos Flashcard glossary of legal terms used in the book Additional content on elements of a claim in the tort of negligence and on product liability Test bank ofquestions and answers for lecturers use in assessing students

8 thoughts on “Tort Law

  1. Shirley Shirley says:

    Arrived at high speed and 100% perfect for the course it was purchased for.

  2. Tux Tux says:

    For anyone who has a interest or work in this field this book should be on their shelf

  3. C.Harding C.Harding says:

    Great book Helping me trough this difficult time learning torts lol

  4. mercy harvey mercy harvey says:

    I think my daughter will find this book very helpful as it was recommended by her tutor.

  5. kulasekar k. kulasekar k. says:

    i am a personal tutor and i found this book very illustrative and the pedagogy illuminative for a beginner student studying Law of Tort.

  6. Kerry Davies Kerry Davies says:

    This is a fantastic book written in a style that makes learning the content enjoyable

  7. Anonn786 Anonn786 says:

    I got my books very quick and the books are very informative

  8. Alexander Bennett Alexander Bennett says:

    Whilst Horsey Rackley s Tort Law is fantastically in depth I keep finding myself reading and rereading page after page multiple times, not for the enjoyment of the book but feeling as though I ve either read nothing or read something I fundamentally do not understand, being drowned in complexity with this feeling being present from the very beginning chapters, for someone trying to rediscover a foundation in Tort law I d steer away from this book, however without a doubt when one has a established footing in this subject this book will be far useful to such students I believe.However for me, I simply can t recommend this book if you re jumping straight into Tort Law and looking for a book to lay the foundation.