As the first sub , single lens reflex digital camera to hit the market, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel opened up a whole new world of quality digital photography for serious amateur and professional shutterbugs just like yourself Here to make sure you start to take advantage of it the first time you focus in on a subject is a pocket sized, low pricedguide from a master of the medium In less thanpages, you ll find all of the smart, sensible instruction you need to start shooting quality images immediately with your brand new digital camera Each page of this tight, bright, four color guide features a full page visual, step by step instructions, and perhaps a warning or tip at the bottom of the page Nothing extraneous, just the all important basics shooting techniques, Digital Rebel functions and menus, instructions for transferring photos and creating common effects, and

4 thoughts on “Learn the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Camera for 5 Bucks (Learn...for 5 Bucks)

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  2. David Burns David Burns says:

    And just run a 5 bill through your shredder rather than wasting your money on this simple to the point of being useless book If you really feel compelled to throw 5 at someone to essentially go through your owner s manual with a highlighter, this is the book for you But if you expect to learn anything from this book that you couldn t easily find in the owner s manual or elsewhere, you ll be very disappointed.I have some advice for you that I feel is far valuable than any insight that this book provides That would be that if you re such a novice as far as photography is concerned that you d benefit from the extremely basic and simplistic insights provided by this book, you really should set your sights quite a bit lower camera wise than the Digital EOS Rebel For example, if you don t know the definition of depth of field a very basic concept in photography for which this book provides a definition , this camera is probably way too complex for you in the first place As they say, you need to learn to walk before you can run Do yourself a favor and get a much simpler and less complex camera to learn on there are many of them out there that have a much appropriate feature set for the novice photographer that can still allow you to take great pictures and to grow as you learn You can always trade up to a camera this complex if and when you ve gained enough experience to benefit from its features.At the same time, invest in a book that can provide truly valuable information and insight for the digital photography novice, such as Digital Photography for Dummies I can t imagine that there are too many people out there who aren t familiar with the Dummies series of books But just in case you are, they re the perfect choice for the person who might say the following to himself or herself I m really interested in learning about digital photography, and I don t know the first thing about it The Dummies series are loaded with everything the beginner needs to know about the topic such as, what is depth of field and how do I use it to take better pictures They always use a very light hearted, tongue in cheek approach that keeps you entertained while you re learning the basics Such a book does essentially everything that the book being reviewed fails to do.The cover says Only 5 Really Well, a low price on something that provides as little value as does this book is no bargain I think they rely on this it s only 5 mindset to get you to purchase the book without any careful consideration That s what I did, and had I not been rushing when I ordered this book, I would have taken the time to read the sage advice of Dr Sunny and D Penrice, who wrote reviews in the past to try to warn me and others that this book is a waste of money Now I join them in trying to warn the rest of you.If you re looking for a book to help the beginner, save the 5 that you might spend on this book and invest it on the slightly expensive, but far valuable Digital Photography for Dummies That will be a far wiser use of your money.

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    I thought this book would help understand how to change the settings Shutter speed, F stops etc quickly on the Canon Rebel, instead it shows you the very very basics of how to change picture types Auto, P, Macro , format your CF card and very simple other things.I would stick to the manual which shows you just as much and then this book and save 5.

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    This is a VERY generic book Do not waste your time or money.