Packed with the latest information on TCP IP standards and protocols TCP IP is a hot topic, because it s the glue that holds the Internet and the Web together, and network administrators need to stay on top of the latest developments TCP IP For Dummies, th Edition, is both an introduction to the basics for beginners as well as the perfect go to resource for TCP IP veterans The book includes the latest on Web protocols and new hardware, plus very timely information on how TCP IP secures connectivity for blogging, vlogging, photoblogging, and social networking Step by step instructions show you how to install and set up TCP IP on clients and servers build security with encryption, authentication, digital certificates, and signatures handle new voice and mobile technologies, and much Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCP IP is the de facto standard transmission medium worldwide for computer to computer communications intranets, private internets, and the Internet are all built on TCP IP The book shows you how to install and configure TCP IP and its applications on clients and servers explains intranets, extranets, and virtual private networks VPNs provides step by step information on building and enforcing security and covers all the newest protocols You ll learn how to use encryption, authentication, digital certificates, and signatures to set up a secure Internet credit card transaction Find practical security tips, a Quick Start Security Guide, and stillin this practical guideKeep your network up to date with the latest TCP IP standards and protocols Now that IPv and IPv have joined and coexist, TCP IP administration and standards have had quite a makeover This book helps you catch up Learn how to handle blogs and social networks, and get the scoop on new Web protocols, wireless routers, updated hardware, new voice and mobile technologies, security procedures to defend against new threats, and a whole lot Stack em up understand the TCP IP layer stack and protocol stack Pick your system configure TCP IP on Windows , Windows , Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Go wireless set up a wireless router and network, configure TCP IP for Wi Fi, and handle security Safety s your business learn to use encryption, authentication, digital certificates, and signatures, and set up secure credit card transactions Fromtolearn to use IPv solutions, build IPv addresses, and discover the advantages of dual protocol stacks All about e mail explore the various e mail protocols and how to secure and configure clients and services Socialize create connectivity for blogs, social networking sites, chats, and instant messaging Keep users happy secure your network and sniff out problems Open the book and findSix steps to a complete TCP IP configuration The pros and cons of trusted host files Common sense best practices for network security How to configure DNS clients and servers Tips for managing cookies What to expect from a VoIP phone system How to set up and secure mobile IP Some different uses for TCP IP